Go Bobcats Go!

School spirit motivates and encourages. Read on to find out why school spirit is so important…

By Olivia Canter

The stands are full. Streaks of red, white, and blue — the colors of Byram — take over the audience. Exciting cheers of “Go Byram!” are rallied by the spectators. Encouraging signs speckle the stands. Students, whether it be athletes or the Varley Players, look to the motivating audience, enlivened by the supportive school spirit. A warm, overwhelming sense of community is felt by all. 

Lauren Amico, a Junior, summarizes these positive effects of school spirit: “It brings our school community together, which is essential in creating a positive school and social environment.” School spirit sets the tone for many aspects of the school and its students, as this motivating energy can unite and support the members of the community. 

Junior Lizzie Manowitz, an athlete in lacrosse and field hockey, agrees with these uplifting effects of school spirit. She explains, “It is so encouraging when my friends and family come to my games. I end up playing better, motivated by my supporters, and it culminates into a fun event for everyone — the players and spectators. In fact, the Field Hockey team had such a fun experience when the football and soccer teams came to cheer us on at our homecoming game. And we won that game, party because of the encouraging supporters.”

Due to these beneficial impacts, many members of Byram Hills have attempted to elevate school spirit, in order to boost the feeling of community. One of these avid supporters of school spirit is Junior David Gold, who endorsed the installation of the turf lights. David elaborates on positive effects of the lights: “Due to the lights, the football team, as well as other sports teams, were able to have night games. Due to this, more families and students were able to attend the games, which created a warm and welcoming atmosphere, thereby creating more school spirit.”

David also belongs to the School Spirit Committee, which is aimed at increasing school spirit in a positive way. David explains that “what we are trying to do is create a safe atmosphere to create school spirit positively. For example, we are trying to make basketball games more warm. Rather than bashing the other teams, more positive chants towards our own team would create more inspiring energy. Go Byram baby!” 

Raquel Kanner, a Junior, also has ideas to increase school enthusiasm. She suggests that “homework should not be administered during homecoming week, so students have time to attend games and contribute to the school community.” Overall, it is imperative to increase school spirit which can be done through attending games and plays and motivating school teams and clubs, in order to create a warm and positive school community.