Having a Difficult Time this Year in Earth Science? English 10? French? Maybe a Peer Tutor is for You!

It is no secret that high school classes are strenuous and mind-boggling. Lucky for you, the peer tutoring club is here to help. Read on to hear all about it…

By Drew Siskin

It is no secret that high school classes are mind-boggling and can take hours to understand the most “basic” of details. As a devout student myself, I totally understand how much time goes into studying and preparing for my strenuous classes. However, I know I’m not alone; I can always depend on my peer tutor to help me out.

Similar to many universities, our Peer Tutor program is run by our own students who have done well in a certain class and have requested to aid their peers. This club extends support in every subject on the board, and the students assist from the kindness of their own hearts. Tutors build relationships with their buddies and can meet upon request of their peers. However, everyone is respectful of each others’ schedules. Thus, students ask for guidance as early as a week before, usually meeting on a weekly/bi-weekly basis. 

Peer tutors can help their paired students in the library or any other space on our campus. Personally, I had a tutor freshman year in Geometry, sophomore year in AP World, and this year, junior year, in Precalc. I have felt comfortable in acknowledging my weaknesses with my tutor and working out how to properly study material together. Our study techniques have enabled me to be able to study better alone as well. Every time I have met with the student assisting me, I feel significantly more confident. 

As important as it is for me to find peers to help me out when I am confused in my classes, it is imperative to give back. Therefore, I tutor in both Earth Science and Algebra 1. 

Upon writing this article, I reached out to the students I work with for Algebra 1, and her feedback was fantastic. “I was really struggling this year, but Drew was so eager to help. I feel like I have definitely improved in the time that we have been working together.” Instantaneously, my heart felt so full and this commitment became totally worth it. I work at the needs of my students, teach them several tricks, and sometimes stay after school in the library with them for hours to make sure they can reach their full potential. In addition to my personal experience from both ends of this rewarding club, I interviewed my peer, Ariel Sheinberg (Junior). She said, “Peer tutoring allows me to use what I learn to benefit other students. I am so happy when I hear that someone working with me has done well on a test or an assignment. This program is really amazing.” Both Ariel and I could not agree more, and I cannot reiterate this point enough: it is such a rewarding feeling to know we are helping someone the way someone has benefitted us before.

I am so grateful for this club and the assurance it has brought in myself and many of my peers along the arduous high school journey. Currently, Cassandra Kaufman and Meredith Mayers run the club, and over email, these two can set a student up with a peer. Just request what subject one needs assistance with and they are ready to go. Get out a pen and paper because now all that is left to do is learn!

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