Mrs. Hist: BHHS Newest Spanish Teacher

By Peri Siskin

Mrs. Hist, also referred to as Profe, is the newest Spanish teacher at BHHS for grades 9 and 11. She is not only an amazing Spanish teacher but a very kind, compassionate individual. She describes herself as a “trustworthy, honest” person which makes her very easy to engage in conversation. Not only is she a great person but such an interesting person, as she will tell you all about her days in Colombia. While this may be Mrs. Hist’s first year working at Byram, she worked at a bunch of other schools as well. Previously, she worked at the St. Augustine school for 4 years and Fallsburg Junior Senior High School for 6 years. As she works with us, she is also a professor at Pace University online. 

At these schools, Mrs. Hist played a major role in clubs and after school activities. An example would be a club called the American United and Spanish Students for Native Speakers, which combined American students with her Spanish students. As a club they would go to the elementary school and other fun places during which they would do activities to mix the two cultures. When asked why she became a teacher, she replied, “I never wanted to be a teacher but in Colombia I was given the opportunity to teach and I fell in love with it.” Mrs. Hist loves her culture and takes pride in it but she also loves learning about other people’s cultures. That is just one of the many reasons why she loves her job at BHHS. 

Her devotion to her students is outstanding and her passion for her job is inspiring. Mrs. Hist loves working with new kids and if she is your teacher, you know she gives the best help. Byram Hills is fortunate to have added such an amazing teacher to their Language Department.