Winter Track League Meet

On your mark. Get set. Go! The amazing Byram Hills Track Team has been training intensively lately and their hard work paid off at the League Meet on January 12th. Read on to hear perspectives of the team members and learn more about their shared passion!

By Olivia Canter

On your mark. Get set. Go! The pistol goes off. You burst forward, exploding with speed, running as fast as your legs will take you. Your arms move like an unstoppable pendulum, and your legs move like pistons in a well-oiled machine. The blurred faces of your teammates cheer you on, making you run even faster. You cross the finish line with fierce determination, and the crowd goes wild. 

This positive energy was experienced by the Byram Hills Track Team on Sunday January 12th at the League Meet. The Armory was filled with athletes from the five competing schools: Byram Hills, Harrison, Eastchester, Rye, and Pelham. Excitingly, Byram Hills made a great showing, as the team had a total of 37 new personal records! 

As the track season moves forward and the athletes train more intensively, running times improve dramatically. Junior Nick Ghelarducci, a sprinter and high-jumper, explains that this amazing progress is “[his] favorite part about track. Seeing how our team can perform after a tough week in practice is incredible because usually the practices are really intense.” It is great when the hard work pays off! 

Junior Emma Trembone, who ran the 55 meter dash, the 4 x 200 meter relay, and performed long jump, also explained the amazing feeling of improvement: “My favorite part about Leagues is getting to hang out with my friends and getting to do better in my favorite sports and just seeing myself improve. It makes me feel really good about myself.” 

However, the training at practice is not the only thing pushing the track athletes; the whole team pushes each other to strive for their best. Senior Kallie Hoffmann noticed the upbeat, team spirit of the League meet. Although many people think that track is an “individual” sport, it is quite the opposite; the whole team cheers at the top of their lungs when their teammates are running, and relay teams become especially close. Kallie describes this team bond, stating that “the energy at the Armory was just incredible with everyone there supporting their teammates and pushing themselves to the absolute max. A lot of really great performances from Byram.” Junior Chloe Sampere elaborates on the enthusiastic team morale, stating that her favorite aspect of track is the “encouragement I get from other teammates.”

One of these “great performances” included Kallie’s 4 x 400 relay team, the League Champions in this event, which also included Ella Manners, Alexa Jindal, and Olivia Canter. Kallie describes this great title: “It was incredible and awesome. I was the first leg, so watching my teammates finish and realizing we won was really exciting. We got a nice medal.” 

Overall, it is amazing to watch these athletes grow in a sport they are so passionate about. Mid-distance runner and Junior Luke Briody describes this passion, explaining that “the amazing rush I get from running is like nothing else. When I run, everything else goes away — it is just me and the track.” Captain Ella Manners is not only passionate about track, but about leading the team: “It is a lot of work leading the track team but it is very rewarding because I get to work with awesome athletes.” Congratulations to the Byram Hills Track Team on their wonderful performances!