Super Bowl Sunday

It is that week of the year again!! Super Bowl week is upon us, and the students of Byram Hills can not wait to see how the game plays out on Sunday! Read on to hear all about the big matchup…

By Evan Weiss

It is that week of the year again!! Super Bowl week is upon us, and the students of Byram Hills can not wait to see how the game plays out on Sunday! This year’s matchup features the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. Both teams have made very impressive runs to get to this point, dominating opponents since the season began in September. The game will be played in Miami Gardens on February 2nd, 2020.

Byram Hills students are doing all sorts of things to enjoy the big game. Josh Spiegel, a sophomore who is a football fanatic, had some interesting thoughts regarding the big game: Josh believes the Chiefs are going to top the 49ers by a score of 28-21, with Chiefs star wide receiver Tyreek Hill being the MVP. Josh has plans to watch the game at his friends house, a tradition he has kept since he was five. Jackson Frankel, a freshman, believes the Chiefs will win by the score of 30-27, with Patrick Mahomes being the MVP. He is planning on watching the game with his friends and family. While the majority of students watch the game from home, a slight amount end up making the trip to see the game in person, like sophomore Jesse Wild and senior Jake Wild. They are heading down to Miami for the big game, and are planning to attend a tailgate party with some of the biggest NFL stars such as JJ Watt, Russell Wilson, and Larry Fitzgerald. When it comes to the game, Jesse also believes the Chiefs will top the 49ers by the score of 31-21, with Patrick Mahomes being the MVP. 

Not only do Byram Hills students watch the game, but teachers do as well! With that, I talked teacher Mr. Andriello about his plans for the big game. He told me that he will be staying home for the game this year, because his son, Gavin, is starting to really like the game of football and he wants to watch the game with him. As far as predictions go, Mr. Andriello told me he thinks the game will be high scoring, with the Chiefs winning by a score of 38-35, and Patrick Mahomes as the games MVP. According to Mr. Andriello, “This game is going to be all Patrick Mahomes”. 

This game should come down to the wire. The Chiefs come into this game with the best offense in the league, while the 49ers on the other hand have the best defense in the league. Both teams have great coaches and leaders capable of leading their team to a Super Bowl win. With that all said, I believe the Chiefs will win a tight one by the score of 31-27. I believe the MVP award will be awarded to quarterback Patrick Mahomes, arguably the most dominant player in the NFL. We are not only going to have a great performance on the field, but the famous Super Bowl Halftime show performed this year by Jennifer Lopez and Shakira will be a big hit, along with the national anthem performed by Demi Lovatto. May you all enjoy the game on Sunday, come back to this article after the game to see how close the score predictions were!!