Is Winter the Best Season?

Students are constantly occupied with academics and extracurricular activities. This busyness makes it easier to spend less time outside. Under the fluorescent lights of the classroom, every season can seem similar, but read on to learn what BHHS students think about winter.

By Aliza Hammond

As the new year begins, and we anticipate the coming seasons, we must appreciate the wonderful opportunities and joys that come with each change. In winter, we join together with our families to celebrate various holidays. Spring always brings a feeling of refreshment, as we have the ability to proudly reflect on a school year of hard work. With summer, we can enjoy the nice weather, less stress, and freedom regarding how we spend our days. Fall tends to act as a new beginning, for we are returning to school with an open mind, while beginning a new year. Whether it’s playing in winter’s snow, admiring the beauty of spring’s first flowers, enjoying the beaming sun in summer, or standing in awe of autumn’s fallen leaves, each season brings us something new. Although every season has its own unique qualities, I believe that that summer offers more benefits than the other seasons. 

First and foremost, the weather in summer is far more enjoyable than that of winter. Naturally, warm weather provokes positive attitudes and encourages many to lead happy lifestyles. Lindsay Miller, a freshman at BHHS, can certainly relate to this, as she begins everyday by walking to school. According to Lindsay, “there is a clear contrast in my attitude when I have the ability to walk throughout the summer versus in the winter.” She continued to explain that walking in the nice weather does not just enhance her short walk, but ultimately prompts her to lead a better day. Additionally, the sun and high temperatures give us the opportunity to participate in various activities, such as going to the beach, swimming in the pool, playing outdoor sports, or just sitting outside and soaking in the sun. 

Secondly, the winter is often associated with stress and anxiety, as workloads can become overwhelming, but in summer, we get to break free from this stress. Remi Matza, another freshman at BHHS, has experienced this herself, as she says that “in summer, I am able to relax, and enjoy time spent with my friends and family, for I am not constantly thinking and stressing about school.” In a similar fashion, it has been proven that mental health becomes worse for some during the winter and better in summer. Ph.D. Francine Martinez relays the information found in a study in which “she [Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith] noticed patients with eating disorders and mental illnesses have an increase in their symptoms during the months from November through March.” Overall, the decrease of stress, anxiety, and mental illness has a clear parallel with the transition from the winter months to the summer months.

Overall, better weather, more freedom, less stress, and better mental health makes summer the best season in my mind. All of these factors contribute to a season filled with the ability to enjoy life with family and friends. Although I believe summer is the best season for various reasons, all seasons certainly come with their advantages, and as I said earlier, it is important to value the individuality of each season. 


Photography by Edith Bachmann