Byram’s Finest Art

By Lauren Amico

Have you ever visited The Metropolitan Museum of Art or Museum of Modern Art? Well, if you were at high school on January 16th from 5-6:30, you didn’t have to make the trip to NYC to see some amazing art. Around a month ago, Byram Hills presented its annual winter art show which exhibits art created by students in grades 9 to 12. Ranging from paintings and drawings to photography and ceramic sculpture, there was truly something for everyone to look at! The art, which was on display for two days, features work in a variety of media, including charcoal drawings, photography, ceramics and sculptures. It also encompasses work from students in Advanced Placement graphic design, photo and studio-in-art classes. Hundreds of art works are exhibited in the show with all students represented. There are sections devoted to advanced drawing and painting, advanced photography, ceramic animals, coil bowls and other sculptures. Students in all art classes, from basic photo to AP Graphic Design, were able to attend the art show during their art classes and appreciate their peers’ beautiful work.

Junior Tessa Schwartz was amazed by all the work she saw. She stated, “Even though I’m not involved in the art program, I thought all the students did a really great job.” The art show was a great opportunity for parents and students alike to get a clear understanding of our art curriculum. Even some middle school art was displayed, such as chalk pastel paintings and paper mache sculptures, allowing attendees to see the growth from students in sixth grade to the Advanced Placement art work offered at the high school.

Junior Skyler Goldin was excited to see her own work in an art show for the first time. She said, “I found it really interesting to see work from classes that I don’t take, such as ceramics and graphic design. I didn’t realize how many of my peers were so talented.”

The exhibit at BHHS displayed outstanding work; each piece spreading a different message, exemplifying another medium, and revealing the students’ commitment and passion for the arts. The winter art show was an amazing opportunity for the community to appreciate the hard work of Byram Hills’ most talented artists!

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