The Class with Something for Everyone

Time to settle a long-time debate: What truly is the best PE unit? Is it flag football? Volleyball? Outdoor games? The random ones like thunderdome and funball? Too many great options!!

By Hallie Gordon

In the middle of a long and hectic day, students are provided with Physical Education, or “Gym,” a period of the day where many students’ stresses of school are alleviated. Gym provides a friendly environment where students try out a plethora of activities. With numerous units ranging from yoga to basketball, it can be hard to pick a favorite. Gym teacher Mr. Saunders and students Jake Goldman, Jessie Schachter and Hallie Remnitz share which unit they enjoy most. 

Sophomore Jake Goldman shares that he favors volleytennis the most. Volleytennis is a unique game where the rules of volleyball and tennis are combined. In essence, the game is played on a tennis court with the same rules as tennis; however, the ball that is used is a volleyball. Jake says that the game “is really fun….You get to work together with a team, have a great time and win.”

In addition, Seniors Hallie Remnitz and Jessie Schachter agree that they like yogi ball the best. Yogi ball is a very creative game played like kickball, but has its own twist. This game is typically played where girls and boys rotate to kick, which gives an opportunity for everyone to play. The girls shared, “this game allows for many different strategies that we both find fun to discuss.”

Lastly, Mr. Saunders, a gym teacher, shares his opinion on the best unit. When being asked his favorite, he had trouble picking just one. His first choice is pickleball; he shares, “I love how it’s a non-traditional game that a lot of students really get into. The speed of the game is awesome and it reminds me a lot of ping pong.” Second, he chose Spikeball because he enjoys being outside and it reminds him of the beach. Third, he expresses his opinion on floor hockey by stating, “A lot of students really get after it in floor hockey and it’s pretty cool to see the competitiveness in PE class.” Saving the best for last is the game he and Mr. Ardizone created: Thunderdome. This game is a combination of Combination of Paintball, Capture the Flag, and Funball. 

Personally, I am a big fan of softball. I like this unit because we get to play outside when the weather is just starting to get warm. Also, I get to try out a new sport that I would have never tried.I like being able to build a team and work together. 

It is clear to see that there really is a game for everyone in the gym. This is what makes physical education so special and memorable for all high school students!