The French Classes Visit Paris

This past February break, students taking French had the opportunity to travel to Paris with their classmates. Read on to hear all about their exciting and memorable trip…

By Lizzie Manowitz

This past February break, students taking French had the opportunity to travel to Paris with their classmates. This was the first trip to France that the French department has taken, and overall it was a huge success. The students all had a blast and really enjoyed having the opportunity to use their French skills in Paris. When talking about the trip, Juniors Jaime Seymore and Kalden Harp both stressed how much fun they had “spending time with friends in a foreign country.” They really liked having the opportunity to explore the city on their own and feeling a sense of independence.

Junior Kristin Eickelbeck shared a bit about their day to day routine on the trip. “Each day we would wake up and have breakfast right away. Then, we would take the metro to our classes. The classes, which were only Byram Hills students, were held at a local school and taught by a French teacher at the school. We spoke French the whole time, and we learned about French culture and art and what life is like in France. When classes finished, we would get about 1-2 hours of free time to walk around the city and have lunch before we had to meet up with the whole group. Once we all met up after lunch, we would go to our afternoon activity.” These activities included many tourist attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Luxembourg Gardens and Montmartre, a small, authentic village within Paris. Jaime and Kalden both agreed that visiting Montmartre was their favorite part of the trip. Moreover, the students got to go to local farmers markets where they could buy fresh fruits, vegetables and baked goods.

Looking back on the trip, Senior Ella Manners comments, “I’m so glad I decided to go on the French trip. Getting to spend a week in France with my friends was so much fun. Everyone on the trip became a lot closer by the end of the week, and we got to use our language skills in very real situations which was super cool.”

It is pretty obvious that the students who went on the French trip had an amazing time exploring a new city, forming bonds with their classmates and using their French skills. Hopefully Byram Hills will be able to offer similar trips in the future, so more students can have this memorable and exciting opportunity.