The Best Part of the Food Experience at BHHS

It appears that for most Byram Hills students, the panini machines and The Byram Bean are their favorite part about the cafeteria food. What do you like about the BH food experience? Any suggestions?

By Olivia Scaglione

It did not take long to find out the hotspots of the BHHS cafeteria. After talking with students around the high school, it was obvious that the best part about their high school food experience was The Byram Bean, with the panini machines coming in at second. 

Whether you are in the mood for a pressed turkey sandwich or just a simple grilled cheese, the panini machines will always be a go-to for the students of the high school. Junior Emma Trembone says that she “gets a sandwich from the panini machine every day.” Emma also adds that the panini machine “never fails to disappoint.” While in the midst of eating her grilled cheese from the panini machines, Haleigh Francis told me how her old high school did not have panini machines and explained that the “panini machines are [her] favorite part of the cafeteria experience at Byram Hills.” However, although several students praised the panini machines, other students expressed annoyance about the process of getting their panini. Junior, Chloe Sampere, explained that the panini line is so long that some days she “has to gulf down [her] entire sandwich in less than five minutes before rushing to class.” Sophomore, Rebecca Frieden, agreed with Chloe and added that she “now brings [her] own lunch instead of using the panini machines because the line was too long.” Although the class of 2019 donated another panini machine to help ameliorate the long panini line, many students still complain about the time-consuming line. Reducing the panini line would help improve students’ food experience at Byram Hills and could even challenge The Byram Bean for the best part about the Byram Hills food experience. 

The Byram Bean first opened in 2016 as a place for students to grab a quick coffee, croissant, or even complete some work while sitting in a relaxed environment. If you close your eyes for a split second, you will feel like you are in Starbucks right in the middle of the school day. Junior Maddy Jakubek says the Bean is by far the best part of the food experience at Byram Hills and told me that her favorite drink is the Oreo Javalanche which can “always give [her] the energy to get through a stressful day.” Ariel Sheinberg also agreed with Maddy that the Bean is her favorite part of the cafeteria. Junior, Alexia Giordano, even went as far as to say that the Bean is “[her] favorite part of the high school.” Alexia added that the Bean is going to be a place she remembers after she graduates as a “cool, hang out place where students could decompress from the stress of school and get a coffee to fuel their day.” 

It appears that for most Byram Hills students the panini machines and The Byram Bean are their favorite part about the cafeteria food. As Byram Hills students reflect upon their high school food experience, most will probably remember the positive memories of the cafeteria such as grabbing coffee at The Bean with a friend, or grabbing your favorite panini after a long morning filled with tests. What is your favorite part about the Byram Hills food experience? Do you have any suggestions on how to improve the food experience at BHHS? Let us know in the comments below!