The Withstanding Armonk Debate: Kira vs Koku

It’s Sunday night and you’re dreading going back to school, but a little takeout might just cure your Sunday blues. The question is, do you choose Kira or Koku?

By Hallie Gordon

After a long weekend, you are filled with lassitude. You hear your stomach begin to rumble, and you know that it is time to get some Sunday night dinner. This is where the conflict begins to rise. Here is a long held argument that takes place in Armonk: Kira vs Koku. I have interviewed a plethora of Byram Hills High School students today to provide you all with the best answer possible. 

Many students share their strong feelings towards Koku. First up, we have Freshman Jackson Frankel sharing his opinion. He claims that their “specialty roles are better than Kiras. I also like their hot food selection.” Up next, we have Sophomore Arielle Goldman defending Koku’s side, as she greatly enjoys their spicy edamame. Senior Hallie Remnitz explains that she prefers Koku because of its nicer atmosphere. Last up, we have Sophomore Alex Berkman stating his opinion. He says, “Koku serves more authentic Japanese cuisine. Specifically, the significant difference in the freshness of the food is clearly evident. Personally, my favorite dish at Koku is chicken fried rice.” There clearly are lots of strong opinions towards Koku, but it’s time to look at the opponent’s side. 

On the other hand, Senior Ben Gordon prefers Kira because of their faster service and their great sesame chicken. Freshmen Aliza Hammonds enjoys Kira since it has “very good food, is quick and easy compared to Koku, which has a long wait to sit and for food, and is cheaper.” Sophomore Marissa Schacter has very powerful feelings towards Kira. She shares, “the experience you have there is so much more friendly and down to earth. For example, I have connected with a waiter who now always looks out for me. While it is arguable that Koku’s food is delicious, there is truly no comparison once you try the chicken and broccoli.” Marissa definitely feels more “at home” at Kira. Personally, I have always been more of a Kira fan. It is very comfortable there and the food is always delicious. Similar to Marissa, I have a staple order of chicken and broccoli.

All in all, there appears to be no clear winner to this argument. It really depends on what you are looking for. Based on everyone’s responses, Koku provides a more upscale dining experience while Kira has a cozier setting. I hope the community of Armonk can use this article as a guide when looking for a place to eat!

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