John Krasinski Spreading “Some Good News”

It cannot be understated that the implications of the coronavirus have been tremendously widespread and destructive. However, it is equally important to spread good news and come together during trying times. Read on to learn how this ex-Office star took the initiative to spread some good news to a world in dire need of it.

By Nora Lowe

Countless medical professionals have implored the general public to do their part in counteracting the ramifications of COVID-19 with the slogan, “We stay here for you, you stay home for us.” This is one of the unique situations in which the best thing one can do to assist medical staff is nothing. This concept, astoundingly easy in theory, proves to be more difficult in actuality. It is difficult not to succumb to a feeling of helplessness as schools close down, long-anticipated events are cancelled, and the only action that is being encouraged is to take no action at all.

Despite the occasional amusing meme, it can be disheartening to see the same headline emblazoned across the newspaper each day. This is a pandemic, and the reporters are justly using their platforms to spread awareness about the severity of this issue, but it is also essential to acknowledge the uplifting news in order to collectively raise spirits.

Segments on social media show that while this virus is spreading at an alarming rate, kindness is also spreading. The most striking instance of this has been John Krasinski’s new youtube channel, “Some Good News,” an amateur show that compiles inspiring and striking glimpses of kindness and hope. Sydney Charron, a BHHS sophomore, comments that SGN is uplifting, heartwarming, silly, and just what the world needs right now.” Edith Bachmann, also a sophomore, thought that “it was incredibly heartwarming and uplifting. In times like these, it’s very easy to forget about all the good things going on in the world despite the troubling circumstances,” concurring that “shows like Some Good News should be part of everyone’s day so we can all have a little light in our lives.” Especially in isolation, the days are becoming increasingly monotonous, merging into one another. “Some Good News” provides a refreshing change of pace, and some temporary refuge in face of the usual constant bombardment with upsetting information.

John Krasinksi, who played Jim Halpert on the beloved nine-season show, the Office, once again enters the spotlight to lead the production. In the first episode, he wears a suit with pajama bottoms, sits in front of a homemade sign, and dutifully reports upon the acts of kindness taking place around the world. Despite his claim that “I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing,” Krasinksi’s first episode hit number one for trending on YouTube and now has amassed about 9.8 million views. On a related note, it is interesting to see how Krasinksi’s personality accurately parallels his persona from the Office, especially with his light-hearted and goofy demeanor

To continue, in the first episode, he describes that he felt the world lacked a prominent news station that reported exclusively on good news, joking that “Enough is enough world, why not us, why not now?” He details a series of touching and tear-jerking moments, such as how police in Spain sounded their sirens in appreciation for the healthcare workers, or how an apartment complex in NYC simultaneously flashed their lights on and off, cheering for the sacrifices made by doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff. Krasinski goes on to report how “Even in the weird world of isolation,” notable acts of selflessness surfaced, such as how one man distributed one hundred lobster dinners to his neighbors. While few of us would have the ability to prepare such an abundance of lobster even under normal circumstances, these altruistic actions simply serve as inspiration to do little things, such as calling relatives or donating medical supplies.

Later, Karinski calls Steve Carell, his previous Office costar, and they reminisce about their time on the show, but also take the time to discuss the gravity of the current situation and how SGN is working to raise awareness about how to sustain an environment of kindness in spite of this challenging situation. This is the stuff of future textbooks. We are currently living through history, and the actions we take to help ease the gravity of this situation will most certainly be remembered.