Cupcake Wars: Beascakes Bakery and Breads vs. Sugar Hi

In the town of Armonk, two contenders hold a strong case for the best bakery. These, of course, being Sugar Hi and Beascakes. But which bakery reigns supreme? Read on to find out!

By Alex Berkman

What is the definition of consistency? Well, if you were to ask me, I would tell you to take a visit to Beascakes Bakery and Breads to find out. For as long as I can remember, Beascakes has been a constant source of good food and good vibes for the Armonk community. Truthfully, I am happy that not much has changed within this local bakeship. It has stuck to the fundamentals and has therefore been cooking up delicious treats for quite some time now. 

If Beascakes is the established veteran, then one could say that Sugar Hi is the young but talented rookie. On its website, Sugar Hi refers to itself as a “dessert shop”– a proper name for a store that serves such a wide variety of sweets ranging from trendy “freakshakes,” to banana pudding, to fresh poptarts and even homemade Liege waffles. The selection really is endless. 

To compare the two shops in the most objective manner, I reviewed an American staple: cupcakes! I mean, who doesn’t love cupcakes? At each location, I tried three individual cupcakes recommended to me by the store’s staff. It is important to note that  I had never tasted the cupcakes from Beascakes or Sugar Hi prior to writing this review.

So, let’s delve into the specifics to determine which bakery, Sugar Hi or Beascakes, will reign supreme in this edition of Cupcake Wars. 

Beascakes Bakery

Cookies n Cream: At first sight, it becomes obvious that, unsurprisingly, Beascakes doesn’t mess around with their cupcakes– they look outstanding. When I take my first bite, my mouth isn’t immediately overwhelmed  with sugar. Instead, the pure frosting is mild, yet still very much satisfactory. The frosting is extremely light and maintains a consistency similar to whip cream. The oreo crumbs provide an extra kick of flavor, effectively taking this cupcake to the next level. The cake is fluffy and sweet; however, it is slightly dry, which is unfortunate.

Buttercream: For the second time, Beascakes produces  another aesthetically pleasing cupcake. The buttercream forms a perfect circle atop the cake and is outlined by colorful rainbow sprinkles. The buttercream possesses the slightly gritty texture that all cupcake aficionados seek. Sadly, it lacks the sweetness customary of this type of frosting. Fortunately though, the cake saves the day. In contrast to its Cookies n Cream counterpart, this cake is actually quite moist– always a good sign. 

Red Velvet: Once again, Beascakes delivers with a stunning cupcake. The cake is a vibrant red and the white frosting is outlined by what appears to be red velvet cake crumbs. At first bite, it becomes obvious that this one is my favorite of the three. Compared to the buttercream and cookies n cream, which are tasty nonetheless, this cupcake really does stand out. The cream cheese frosting is strong and tangy, with the sweetness of the cake providing the perfect complement. The touch of cocoa also provides a nice, mild chocolate flavor to the cake itself.

Sugar Hi

Cookies n Cream: The cupcake, while not as visually appealing as the Beascakes version, still looks yummy. The frosting is notably darker in color than Beacakes’ cookies n cream, suggesting that the oreo cookies are blended rather than simply placed in. Immediately, it becomes clear that the frosting is the star of this cupcake; it is rich, dense, and sweet, yet salty at the same time. The cake is incredibly moist and fluffy as well. The one complaint I have about this cupcake is that I wish it was bigger! Great work Sugar Hi on crafting this delicious treat.

Cookie Dough: Wow. Now this cupcake looks interesting! It’s topped with a giant glob of cookie dough for god’s sake! Don’t get me wrong, the cookie dough is delicious, but maybe slightly too rich. I am just not sure if the sweetness will become overpowering. Still, the vanilla base, being the same as the Cookies n Cream, is moist, sweet, and fluffy. Key word: moist. Personally, this is what I look for most in all cakes. 

Chocolate: Unlike the previous cookie dough flavor, here we have a very traditional flavor in chocolate. Often so, this is the hardest one to master. I am particularly excited for this cupcake, as its chocolate frosting is covered in M&M’S, my favorite candy. The frosting is surprisingly thin, and slips off the top of the cake when picked up. Fortunately, the frosting’s taste makes up for its messiness. It is extremely flavorful, resembling dark chocolate more so than milk– a good thing considering that I personally prefer dark chocolate. The M&M’S add a touch of sweetness, and the chocolate cake, as now expected, is both MOIST and delicious. 

The Verdict

Both bakeries should be proud of the amazing job they did with their cupcakes. And before I announce the winner, I just want to say that I recommend you take a visit to both Sugar Hi and Beascakes to taste all the delicious treats they have to offer (An additional suggestion: TRY THE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES AT BEASCAKES!). 

Without further ado, back to the decision. While Beascakes’ cupcakes were absolutely beautiful in appearance, Sugar Hi’s cupcakes tasted just slightly better. This was not an easy choice, but…

Winner: Sugar Hi