The Room Where It Happens, Open for All

Do you want a free invitation to the room where it happens? Read this article to find out more about the spectacular release of “Hamilton”, the musical, on Disney Plus!

By Arielle Goldman

During this time like no other, people were getting bored locked up inside their homes, desiring the sweet voices and companionship of family and friends. They were running out of refreshing activities after spending five long months in quarantine; any new source of entertainment was enough to keep them on their toes for the day. Faces were gloomy, and hope was gradually fading away. It was not until July 3rd that the “world turned upside down.” “Hamilton”, the spectacular Broadway phenomenon, was released to the public on Disney Plus!

“Hamilton” has been the show to see for years. The tickets are exceedingly expensive and almost impossible to get, but that did not stop kids, teenagers, and adults around the world to become enthralled by the fabulous music, even if they never saw the show! The music speaks to the listener in a powerful way. It tells a real story while also teaching about the history of America in a fun and exciting manner; for example, in contrast to typical Broadway theatre, “Hamilton” features rap music, which is extremely appealing to younger kids, especially teenagers. 

Just when everyone started to lose hope in the midst of  the coronavirus madness, there was light at the end of the tunnel: “Hamilton” was delivered to the public! Everyone was offered a front row seat to the acclaimed Richard Rogers Theatre. The film, released on the Disney Plus app, showed the original cast, including the talented Lin Manuel Miranda, who wrote the show and plays the main character, Hamilton! The show was better than having front row seats (and a lot cheaper too!). The film featured close-ups of those singing, making you feel like you were watching a movie rather than a once-live performance. 

In response to the “Hamilton” release, fans were thrilled and eager to soak up every glorious minute of the lauded production. Ari Tabankin, a junior and “Hamilton” fan, claimed, “I thought it was fantastic because it’s such a good play, but previously only the music had been available, and tickets were so difficult to come by. But now, it was much more accessible.” “Hamilton”, while previously a prize in the distance, was now right in her fingertips, and the feeling was simply great. Additionally, Lily Auster exclaimed in all caps, “I LOVE IT SO MUCH. BEST THING EVER.” The excitement brought on by the advent of “Hamilton” was exhilarating; many started tearing up and jumping up and down once the performance began. When asked of her opinion of the release, Lucy Kwittken stated, “I personally was very excited that it was released on Disney Plus because I love all of the music and now I can watch it whenever!!” “Hamilton” can now be watched every day, any day, which is an extraordinary gift for the public. 

Many Broadway show productions or musical theatre groups have continued to provide entertainment to the public during these tough times including web seminars and “Meet the Cast” zooms. While the pandemic has led to many awful consequences, “Hamilton” and other shows have done a fantastic job of altruistically providing for the public. If you have not watched the film, you should definitely get on that fast! “Hamilton” enchants an audience like no other.