Quarantine: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Need a dose of positivity? Read on for some advice on how to cope these difficult times.

By Remi Matza

In life, we have a choice to look at things with a glass half-full or a glass half-empty; with every experience we encounter, we can choose whether to live through it with a positive or negative attitude. In the middle of a pandemic, it is critical to understand that the Coronavirus is a serious topic, so it is understandable that some tend to think negatively during this time. However, I also believe it is essential to remain hopeful during challenging times and remain optimistic. 

Since March, our world has completely changed, and we now find ourselves in a virtual environment facing obstacles we never could have anticipated. Over the past few months, many of you may have known someone who contracted the Coronavirus and/or contracted it yourselves. Some of you may even be grieving the loss of a loved one or friend due to this horrible disease. Overall, it feels as though the Coronavirus has taken over every aspect of our lives. You now walk down the street and see emotionless faces covered by masks. Also, students struggle to study from home. Further, there’s disconnect between friends, family, teachers and coworkers. According to sophomore Aliza Hammond, “It was extremely difficult to adjust to remote learning because we are so used to having face-to-face interactions with our teachers and peers.” Now, teacher-to-student instruction is confined to a computer screen or in-person while wearing masks and six feet apart. We’ve endured great loss and hardship, and it seems preposterous that this has become our new normal. However, as I mentioned before, in times of darkness it is pivotal that you find light.

The atrocity of the Coronavirus is difficult to downplay, and I don’t believe it should be, but there are little things in life that can help make this time more manageable. According to sophomore Chloe Bernstein, “The past few months have given me the perfect opportunity to focus on strengthening my family bonds.” I’m sure many of you can agree that being confined to your homes during quarantine allowed you to reconnect with your family members. Aliza Hammond also added that because her older brothers were studying from home for their universities, she gained a lot of quality time with them that she wouldn’t have had in a normal school year. One recurring theme in our society is the idea of everyone moving so quickly that they hardly take notice of their surroundings. Many would agree that quarantine slowed things down and allowed people to relieve some pressure and become more self aware. Junior Talia Deutsch reported that “quarantine decreased stress caused by school and outside pressures immensely.”  I agree that by staying home, I was able to use my newfound free time to improve my mental health and decrease my stress. Additionally, this leisure time led to a burst of curiosity and experimentation. People have discovered new hobbies and pastimes like baking, athletics, tie dying, and other various crafts and activities. Hopefully, these new hobbies stand as a positive outcome of quarantine. 

Moving forward, our lives will still look different from what we were accustomed to, but I hope that by reading this article you are inspired to use your time to find the light, look on the bright side of things, and view life with a glass half-full perspective.