Getting Ready for All American Season 3

Are you excited for the new season of All American? Read on to hear the thoughts of one of The Oracle’s writers and receive some insight into why this show is worth watching.

By Ryan Bernstein

With the highly anticipated season 3 of CW show All American scheduled to premiere on October 10th, I felt it was important for our readers to get a glimpse into the “hype” surrounding this show. 

In the first season of All American, we see Spencer James adapt to his new life as star wide receiver on the Beverly Hills High School football team, while simultaneously navigating complex relationships in his home community of South Crenshaw. Coop, one of Spencer’s oldest friends from South Crenshaw, brings Spencer back into the gang violence dominating his hometown. While he wants to protect Coop and his family, Spencer must balance this with pursuing his own football career as he nears college. The viewer quickly learns that despite the 30 minute drive between Beverly Hills and Spencer’s hometown, the issues from Crenshaw do not dissipate in the 90210. At Beverly, high school students battle with drug addiction, family issues, depression, and mental illness.

I particularly enjoyed this show due to not only the engaging plot, but the themes that allowed me to reflect on my relationships and behavior. One such theme is that no matter what you may see from the outside, everyone faces their own struggles off camera. Leila Keating symbolizes just that: at a glance, she is a beautiful, wealthy, student body president dating a jock football player. However, the viewer gets a true look into Leila and realizes she is struggling, but the characters on the show often misunderstand Leila and are oblivious, almost infuriating the viewer. We see how Leila transforms herself into a certain persona for the public and with friends, but also how alone she is by herself. From Leila’s story, Byram Hills students can learn to treat each and every person with the utmost respect, as you never know what hardships people may be facing. Together, we can make a difference in our Byram Hills community. 

Bottom line: consider binging the first two seasons of All American by October 10th to join the fandom for the third season premiere and learn some valuable lessons applicable to daily life and our Byram Hills community!