Your Angel is My Demon

Have some free time? Here, a BHHS student explains why Dan Brown’s page-turner Angels and Demons is a great read.

By Arianna Tabankin

In Dan Brown’s career as an author, his book The Da Vinci Code is typically seen as the pinnacle of his success. While it is quite a fantastic book and deserves all of its fame and glory, I believe there is an even more captivating, exhilarating book of Brown’s; Angels and Demons wraps up history, science, ethics, and religion all into one thrilling mystery novel. It explores the ongoing conflict between religion and science while revealing how they are not so different after all. Amidst all of this, Brown still manages to incorporate centuries-old secret societies. Taking place in the Vatican over the span of only one day, Angels and Demons poses an overarching question: How far is too far for science to go?

Protagonist Robert Langdon is a symbologist professor at Harvard, meaning he studies and interprets symbols, which is a job filled with an exorbitant amount of history. Concurrently, Vittoria Vetra is a marine biologist and physicist working at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Switzerland. Her most recent discoveries and breakthroughs in antimatter, though intended to be used for clean energy, created the most powerful weapon to date. When this is stolen from her lab to be hidden in the Vatican, and her only other colleague murdered and branded with an Illuminati (an ancient secret society) symbol, she and Langdon are brought together on a near-impossible quest to save Christianity as we know it. 

Angels and Demons may be the most entertaining mystery novel I have ever encountered. One of my favorite parts of Dan Brown’s books is the history involved. His stories, especially this one, always include facts and evidence from the past, but information I was completely unaware of. Also, this book had so many twists and turns that it was quite the page-turner. All I wanted was to know more and more because people were never who they seemed to be. Furthermore, the moral obligations and ethics proposed in the book were so interesting and perplexing. One of my favorite quotes is “The guardian angel who conquered your enemy in battle was perceived by your enemy as a demon destroyer.” Here Brown is conjuring the idea that angels and demons are in fact the same entity, it just depends on your perspective for your opinion on them. I had never heard this idea anywhere before, let alone thought it myself, because it was such a crazy, yet fascinating, concept. 

Angels and Demons falls into so many different categories that everyone can find one part of it they enjoy. It is an educating, entertaining, and baffling novel that epitomizes cliff-hangers. I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone and I definitely would consider it one of my favorites. 


In Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons, readers follow along on a thrilling adventure taking place in the Vatican. New scientific technology is being used for terrorism by those claiming to be members of the Illuminati. Symbologist Robert Langon and biologist/physicist Vittoria Vetra embark on a journey to protect the Vatican from this new threat while delving into the rich history of the area for guidance. This page-turner manages to incorporate science, religion, ethics, history, and conspiracy theories all into one novel that will leave the reader speechless by the end.