How I Met Your Mother Revolutionized the Sitcom World

Are you in need of a new show to watch? Read on to hear the thoughts of one of The Oracle’s writers on why HIMYM is a must-see!

By Brian Zhang

Over the past several months, quarantine has begun, movie theaters have closed, movie productions have been postponed, and virtually the entire world has been put on pause. Advised to isolate and social distance due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we’ve been stuck at home with little more to do than turn on the TV and see what’s on.

Although moments like these may be filled with much anxiety and uncertainty, television has given us joy, laughter, and distraction from the difficulties we now face. Personally, it’s given me the chance to dabble in the things I’ve never had the chance to get around to including watching How I Met Your Mother or HIMYM.

A popular sitcom from the early 2000s, the series revolves around Ted Mosby, who in the year 2030, narrates the story to his son and daughter on how he met their mother. Going on for nine seasons with CBS, the romantic comedy recounts Ted’s life as a hopeless romantic looking for the girl of his dreams. Followed by his four best friends in the Big Apple, the show depicts the pitfalls and successes of dating, careers, and friendships.

Movingly and notably redefining the romantic comedy world, this sitcom has grown to be one of my favorite shows ever. At its best, HIMYM is as hilarious, heartbreaking, and powerful as anything on TV, with a top-notch cast and a director who knows how to build suspense. It follows an enticing plot, with intricacies and complicated writing that brings reason to the smallest features within episodes. Unlike many other shows, HIMYM is never inconsistent with its details, always making sure to fill in its gaps with storytelling. It’s so well crafted by the writers that even the ending of the show, which would be televised 9 years later, was shot during the filming of season 1. Throughout the entirety of it all, the writers developed a beautiful storyline with long-running inside jokes that many fans have grown to appreciate, such as the slap-bet, the ducky tie, and the pineapple incident. The show’s captivating development and roller coaster plot are definitely worth the watch. 

As great as the show is, I don’t believe it would be complete without its life lessons. Compared to many other sitcoms I’ve seen, none have put as much emphasis on philosophical ideas as HIMYM. Although told humorously, the series consists of ridiculous theories and rules that are undoubtedly applicable to real-life aspects and situations. With its mix of wisdom and laughable lessons, the show opens one’s mind while filling it with entertainment. 

During the past few months, this romcom has given me something to laugh, smile, and grieve, all while in the comfort of my home. It’s left an imprint on my life and has taught me some valuable morals I’ll carry on in the future. All in all, How I Met Your Mother integrates the wonderful and dreadful realities, teaching its audience that this is all a part of the journey. Because even if things don’t go as planned, it’s crucial to remember the smaller moments that make up the bigger picture.