Poll Analysis: In-Person or Online Schooling?

This COVID world has brought many changes to the lives of the students. Perhaps, the greatest change, though is the introduction of the new hybrid model schedule, which entails a virtual and in-person component. Read on to see whether Byram Hills High School students prefer in-person or remote learning.

By Aliza Hammond

Poll conducted by the Oracle in October, 2020. Promoted through website and Instagram.

In the poll seen above, Byram Hills High School students were asked if they preferred in-person or remote learning. As depicted, 88.24% of students (15/17 voters) declared that they favored in-person school, while 11.76% of students (2/17 voters) remarked that they prefer remote learning. 

Familiar with the views of my fellow peers, I am not surprised by this result. According to sophomore Remi Matza, “on the days that I am able to go into the building for in-person learning, I often find myself less distracted and more attentive to the lesson the teacher is presenting.” I can presume that in turn, Remi, along with the majority of her classmates, are more inclined to engage in the discussion and improve their class participation. Essentially, this improves students’ retention of class-discussed topics and enhances performance on assessments. In addition, multiple students have expressed that in-person school allows students to more ably take part in conversations with friends and classmates. While certainly limited, this social aspect of in-person learning is just one of its many appealing features. 

On the other hand, some participants did convey that they prefer remote learning; it makes sense that students would prefer greater free-time, specifically between classes and during lunch periods. Importantly, this time is extremely advantageous to students, as they can use it to complete unfinished assignments or finish up any last minute studying. Furthermore, students at home have the opportunity to sleep later, which has proven to improve their performance in the classroom. 

In essence, both learning environments provide students with advantages and disadvantages, which is why a hybrid learning model allows students to experience the best of both worlds! Although Byram Hills High School is currently fully remote due to the presence of COVID-19 cases within the district, it is my hope, along with many of my fellow classmates and faculty at BHHS, that we will return to our hybrid model soon.