This is Us: A Show Worth Bingeing

Now that the new season of This is Us is airing on NBC, read on to learn why you should watch this compelling drama that follows the life of the Pearson family.

By Ella Javorsky

This is Us is a heartfelt and emotional show that illustrates the importance of family through a chronological guide of the Pearsons. This drama on NBC is a show that leaves you feeling loved and inspired. As you watch the characters mature and evolve, you feel connected and compassionate towards each individual. As you watch the characters struggle, you feel like you are living through their challenges with them.

The series follows the lives of siblings Kevin, Kate, and Randall, along with their parents Jack and Rebecca Pearson. While it takes place in the present day, there are constant flashbacks to their childhoods. In one, you learn that on Jack’s 36th birthday, Rebecca gave birth to twins Kevin and Kate. She was pregnant with triplets, but the third baby was stillborn. Feeling destined to take home three babies from the hospital, Rebecca and Jack impulsively adopted Randall, an African American child who was born on the same day. He was brought to the hospital after his biological father abandoned him at a fire station. The three kids are referred to as “The Big Three”, and you get to watch each individual grow and develop into adults through compelling flashbacks that typically focus on “The Big Three’s” lives as children and adolescents as well as the developing relationship between Jack and Rebecca.

As adults, Kevin is a charming and successful television actor who is living a life full of fame and praise. Although he enjoys the spotlight, Kevin is very involved in Kate and Randall’s lives, and sometimes he wishes he had a life like theirs. Randall is an extremely smart, driven, and personable New York businessman who is raising two young girls with his wife, Beth. Kate is a sweet and severely overweight woman who is dealing with the constant struggle of trying to live a healthy lifestyle. The three siblings value family above all else. They spend every holiday and special occasion together, and they help each other through their struggles of adulthood.

Between the deaths of their loved ones in their early lives, coping with Kate’s obesity, and Randall living with the uncertainty of who his biological father is, the three have been through tragedies and struggles that have shaped their lives. As you watch this show, you will recognize the hardships that everyone encounters throughout their journey through life. Samantha Gershuny, a sophomore who watched the show, commented that, “This is Us illustrates the life of the Pearsons, who are an extraordinary family that go through life with optimism and adventure. It is evident that all families, especially the Pearsons face struggles, and these struggles affect each individual greatly.”

This is Us has taught me important life lessons, and it has allowed me to recognize the value and importance of family. Each episode leaves me with something to think about, and it inspires me to cherish every moment with family and acknowledge their essential role in my life.