A Review of The Vampire Diaries from a Current Perspective

Nearly a decade after its original release, a BHHS student reviews this hit series. Read on to hear her thoughts.

By Nicolette DiSano

The Vampire Diaries, a beloved teen drama series, features epic love, unspeakable danger, and unpredictable surprises in the town of Mystic Falls, Virginia. This idolized show aired on September 10, 2009 and ended on March 10, 2017. Featuring 8 seasons, this series has been streaming on a few different platforms, including Netflix. During quarantine, people have had a lot of time to binge watch many shows, especially this one–spellbinding not just the supernatural characters, but the mesmerized audience! This show has remained popular over the years, and there are even rumors of a season 9 being released. The fans would love this, but all the actors from the original show had already discussed if this opportunity were to come their way. These actors’ answers were doubtful: they most likely wouldn’t take it. So, if there were to be a season 9, there would be different actors, and it wouldn’t be the same. But the real question is whether or not this rumor of The Vampire Diaries to renew for a season 9 after ending 3 years ago is true.

After more than a century, two of the main characters, Stefan and Damon Salvatore, return to their hometown of Mystic Falls, Virginia. They are both vampires and in this TV series, in which vampires have the ability of superspeed, super strength, healing , to compel people, and for some, an uncontrollable thirst for human blood. Stefan saved a teenage girl who was in the car with her parents that had driven off a bridge. While saving her he finds out she looks identical to someone he and his brother, Damon, used to both love. So, he decides to go back to high school to get to know her. Her name is Elena Gilbert, and she went through many hardships throughout this show. Yet, Elena remained compassionate through her difficult times and would risk her life to save any of her friends and family. She meets Stefan at high school as the mysterious new guy but little did she know what she was getting herself into. Damon, Stefan’s brother, follows, coming to town shortly after. Stefan had forced his brother to complete the transition of becoming a vampire in 1864, and ever since, Damon had promised Stefan an eternity of misery. Damon at first is known as the evil, bad vampire, but throughout the series he undergoes major character development.  Elena also has two best friends Bonnie Bennet and Caroline Forbes. All three of them and some of their other friends got tied up with the supernatural world. 

Stefan and Damon both fall for Elena, and history starts to repeat itself. They fight for Elena’s love while they all are faced with obstacles every episode, including brawls with witches, hunters, and the original vampires. Every episode is an adventure filled with ups and downs. Although this sounds complicated, dangerous, and intense, there are also many happy moments throughout this series. While watching this for the first time last spring, I developed a love for this show. There is so much action, loss, heartbreak, happiness, violence and love. There are many ways people may relate to this show, other than the supernatural aspect. 

Overall, this supernatural series has brought to life a balance of real life problems and the supernatural problems. Like many shows, The Vampire Diaries teaches many life lessons. Many characters are selfless and are always fighting to help people, illustrating the importance of helping others. It also taught me to never walk in a strange neighborhood in the middle of the night alone…