How Local Businesses Have Been Adapting to the Safety Guidelines of COVID-19

A BHHS student recalls her experiences with COVID-19 safety procedures at local businesses.

By Ariana Chace

 Local businesses are doing their best to stay safe and provide reasonable guidelines for the public. A few weeks ago I dined with some of my friends at Fortina. This required no temperature check or any personal tests. Each of the tables was distanced more than six feet apart, with the usual option of eating indoors or outdoors. While dining indoors, the doors are kept open to allow a safer environment of fewer germs due to increased air circulation and ventilation. After all, my experience at Fortina was safe and the guidelines seemed to be effective for my friends and me.  I was definitely comfortable in this environment.

Last weekend, I also ate out at Modern Barn. They carried the same safety guidelines as Fortina. In my opinion, while creating a more comfortable environment, lowering the maximum number of people would have a large impact. Many local restaurants are doing what they can to follow the rules and regulations, yet attempt to create an atmosphere similar to the normal dining experience. Aside from restaurants, many shops such as The Bagel Emporium and CVS make socially distancing their main priority.

A dental office in Mount Kisco requires a temperature check and a quick survey to ensure that the patients haven’t been around anyone who was affected or been around any large groups who may be affected by the virus. 

Unfortunately, not all businesses are able to persevere with these costly regulations. Last month I visited Greenwich Connecticut, where many of their local businesses or even small shops that were just newly opened have been forced to close due to the lack of customers. Family-owned businesses and newly opened businesses are definitely struggling considering most people are only leaving their house for necessities. Considering the hard times and difficulties many people are facing, they seem to miss socializing and their normal routine. While this might prompt “COVID fatigue,” it is counterintuitive to shirk these regulations. This is why it’s of the utmost importance that businesses continue to follow these regulations so we stay on the path to a more COVID-19 safe lifestyle.