Spectacular Destinations to Experience the Beauty of Autumn

Article and Photography by Markian Nychka

One of the best indicators that autumn is here are the changing leaves all around us. Fall foliage is one of the many natural beauties of Earth. Now especially, it serves as a reminder to take a break and embrace the nature around us. An amazing place that I recently discovered is Talcott Mountain in Connecticut. Although it is a bit of a drive, the views and foliage are absolutely incredible!

A closer look provides a better view of all the trees below and their incredible natural colors.

The numerous outlooks provide not only views of three neighboring states but splendid views of the changing leaves below.
The mile long trail to the top, while very steep, rewards you with a wide arrangement of colorful leaves.

Talcott Mountain is home to Heublein Tower. The structure was summer home for Gilbert Heublein and housed two U.S. presidents later on.

Of course, you don’t have to travel three hours in the car! You can always just look in your backyard, which has a perfect representation of the fall foliage in our area.

In my own backyard, yellow has been a very prominent color.

As we get into November, the leaves have begun to fall but still hold their beautiful color.