Oh Tay! Now We Finally Have a Season!

This season of the Bachelorette just took a turn for the better. Read on to see the exciting changes Tayshia has brought to her season of the Bachelorette.

By Rebecca Geller

If you are a weekly Bachelorette viewer, you must know about the new bachelorette: Tayshia Adams. Claire Crawley left this season suddenly after getting engaged to Dale Moss around two weeks into the show. The men on Claire’s season were left without a new bachelorette until Tayshia pulled up to the Bachelor Mansion, saving the day. I believe I can speak for all of Bachelor Nation when I say that Tayshia becoming the new bachelorette was the best thing to happen to this season. Claire was clearly not Bachelorette material which she consistently proved by freezing out every other participant but Dale. She created unnecessary drama, and led them on day after day. Tayshia’s reappearance gave this season its dignity back. 

This shocking twist of events left the men in the mansion thrilled with new hope of finding a fiancé at the end of the show. Tayshia talked to many of the different participants exploring her potential with them, and just as she was about half way through talking to each of them, Chris Harrison took her aside. This sent shockwaves around the house, leaving the men worried that the now smooth sailing was going to be coming to an end. During Chris and Tayshia’s conversation, Chris told her that there were still more guys ready to meet her, upsetting the original contestants. On the other hand, Tayshia was thrilled for this opportunity to meet even more guys. Four new gentlemen were introduced to the mansion, one of them being Spencer Robertson. Spencer was awarded the first impression rose on his first night, which definitely sets him apart from the rest of his peers. The next day, the date card revealed another front runner: Brendan Morais. Brendan was chosen by Tayhsia to go on the first one-on-one date (which is a very good sign). Brendan and Tayshia definitely hit it off, and I think we can all see a new relationship blooming. 

Week two came, and with it came a new feud between Ed and Chesen. Ed is quick to say Chasen is not over Claire, and expresses his anger that Chesen called Tayshia a “smoke show. ” Ed, trying to get the upper hand, decided to tell Tayshia that he does not believe Chasen deserves to be there. When will these guys learn that bringing drama to the Bachelorette never works? It gives them a bad reputation for getting into a conflict with another guy, and just creates more stress and drama that the bachelorette, Tayshia, has to deal with. Tayshia ultimately  makes Chasen apologize to Ed, and then the rose ceremony begins. At the end, both guys are awarded a rose, but this situation gives both of them a bad look. Before Tayshia had to intervene with this bickering, her and Zac C. seemed to get along well. They bonded over Zac’s maturity, which Chasen and Ed seem to be lacking. Tayshia in an individual interview did say, “there’s a lot to Zac” which is definitely a promising evaluation. Bennet, on the group date, also seemed to have caught Tayshia’s eye. His arrogance did seem to irritate others though, so I don’t think he’s going to make it very far into this season. Finally, Noah got some recognition on a date that wasn’t initially his. He crashed the second part of the date with an invitation from Tayshia. This ended up bothering the original participants in the date, but frankly, I think this was a good decision on Tayshia’s part. Noah leaves the date losing something I think we all wanted gone: his mustache. He did gain a group date rose on the other hand, only making the original participants on the date more peeved.

Tayshia came into this new season excited, but also fearful of the challenges that would arise due to her being the second bachelorette of the season. She thought that guys would still be enamored with Claire or view Tayshia as a second choice. Sadly, one of her fears became reality. Jason, a frontrunner on Claire’s season, had to leave the show as he announced he was still in love with Claire. Although this news upset Tayshia and all of Bachelor Nation, she is still continuing this journey with hope for the future.

I think we can all agree that this season has been a rocky ride. That being said, I can only see Tayshia’s journey becoming even better-even with all this drama. I’ll be staying tuned for next week’s episode, and we will see what happens from there!