Puppies and the Pandemic

One BHHS student makes a compelling argument about why now is the best time to get a new dog. Read on for his thoughts about why you should get a puppy during this pandemic.

By Lucas Canter

Quarantine has been a tough time for many people. As you know, schools throughout the country have had to shut down in response to the looming threat of COVID-19. Interestingly,  families have used this newly acquired downtime to  buy a brand new  puppy!

Puppies are always a great gift, no matter the occasion. They are always there to provide you with unconditional love and a great source of entertainment.  Naturally, when you get a puppy, you need to take care of it. Well, there’s no better time than now! At home, you are able to watch your puppy as it grows up and matures.

Personally, I just got my third dog this June, and I have absolutely no regrets! I can spend my days playing with my three crazy dogs instead of being caught up in boredom. No matter where you go, dogs are always excited about new adventures and would love to be part of your life! My puppy Gus is a black and white Labradoodle, and he is so cute! I love to go on walks with my three dogs all the time! Every weekend I go on a hike with my crazy dogs and my family, and it’s always a wonderful experience. After the hike, my dogs are always tired, and they often fall asleep on my lap. It’s not as tiresome as some might think, although dogs do require/want lots of love!

According to Armonk resident and new dog owner Emily Wolf, “We’ve always wanted a dog but decided to move up the process once the pandemic hit. We were home and figured we would have the time to train and bond. It was the best decision ever.” As you can see, many agree that this is the optimal time to get a wonderful dog and develop a bond that lasts forever.