Byram Hills Soccer Teams Persevere Through Two-Week Quarantine

Recently, the BHHS soccer teams persisted through a mandated two-week quarantine. Read on to learn how they faced the challenge.

By Reese Ertel

Due to escalating COVID-19 cases in the school, the boys and girls soccer teams faced a mandated two-week quarantine. With a short season already, two weeks off would normally have a negative impact on the team, but Byram Hills soccer pushed through this obstacle. 

The boys varsity soccer captain, Aidan Cogan, speaks about what the two-week break was like for them: “During the quarantine, it was all about getting our bodies some rest and everybody getting healthy.” After six games and practices everyday, the boys team focused on healing their bodies, and getting ready for sectionals. Cogan continues: “Most importantly, the virtual practices talking about the plans for the future and checking out the teams we would play against. We did a few workouts towards the end of the quarantine period so we would be ready to get back to practice.” Cogan says that they “got through it as a team by maintaining the connection and bond by chatting at night and texting.”

Similarly, the girls soccer team did virtual practices every day, making sure to keep in shape. They followed YouTube videos to practice foot skill drills and did pre-recorded workouts. They also did two live Zoom workouts with an Equinox instructor. To make things more fun and exciting, their virtual practice on Halloween was costume required! These girls tried to stay positive throughout this two week period. 

Four-year varsity soccer player and captain, Marianna Colabello, shares the experience of the girls team: “Being out for two weeks was definitely difficult. We weren’t able to be out on the field and continue our momentum that we had after we beat Horace Greeley. But, we worked very hard throughout those two weeks. We kept up with our fitness and made sure we were running. By doing all virtual practices and keeping in touch with each other, we were able to stay connected and united as a team. Because of this we were able to come out and get ready to win the section!”

They also had a lot of time to look at footage from other teams who they may play and reflect and correct situations in their past games. They watched a professional men’s game and took notes on this as well. The girls team took advantage of this time to intellectually strengthen their soccer skills. 

Both the girls and boys team have made it to the finals in their section after the obstacle of being out for two weeks. They persevered through this difficult period, and decided to prove how strong they are as a school and soccer program.