Sports on Christmas

Not only were sports fans lucky to watch five NBA games on Christmas Day this year, they also received the gift of an exciting NFL game. Read on to learn about these games and what BHHS students thought about them.

By Evan Weiss

Christmas is a time filled with many traditions, such as spending time with family and friends, exchanging gifts, and wearing ugly sweaters. For millions of Americans around the world, Christmas is also a time for watching and enjoying sports. Since 1947 with the exception of one year, NBA games have been played on Christmas Day, with NFL games being played once in a while as well. This year, sports fanatics were lucky enough to have both, and the games did not disappoint one bit.

Five NBA games were played on Christmas Day: the Heat defeated the Pelicans, the Bucks defeated the Warriors, the Nets defeated the Celtics, the Lakers defeated the Mavericks, and the Clippers defeated the Nuggets. Superstars such as Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kevin Durant, Lebron James, Kawhi Leonard, Jimmy Butler, and many others displayed their sensational talent with the whole country watching. I talked to some Byram Hills students and had the chance to ask them what their favorite games and performances were from the day. Juniors Danny Bernstein and Alec Miller both said they enjoyed watching the Lakers game and loved Lebron James’s performance. James exploded for 22 points, 10 assists, and 7 rebounds while leading the Lakers to a win. Sophomore Gavin Javorsky said he had the most fun watching the Nets game, but his favorite performance came from Duncan Robinson in the Heat vs. Pelicans game. Gavin’s favorite player in the NBA is Duncan because of his Michigan ties, so seeing him have a great performance was thrilling. Duncan had 23 points on 7 3-pointers made! In the NFL, only one game was played on Christmas but it did not disappoint. The Saints defeated the Vikings 52-33 in a very high scoring affair. Saints star running back Alvin Kamara had 6 touchdowns (tied NFL record) and 155 yards, which according to Junior Benny Rakower, made him the undisputed MVP of the game. Dalvin Cook, Adam Thielen, Justin Jefferson, Emmanuel Sanders, and Jared Cook also had strong performances on the day. The NFL game on Christmas this year was all you could ask for from two contending teams, and the fact that the game had playoff implications made it even more special. 

With everything going on in the world, the sports events that took place on Christmas Day provided happiness and normalcy for so many Americans. The games were amazing and did not disappoint one bit, providing extra excitement on a day that is already filled with so much joy. It was truly a special day and one to remember for ages.