Poll Analysis: Did students travel during the holidays?

One BHHS student draws connections between a local survey and a broader trend related to COVID-19 holiday travel. Read on to learn more.

By Sydney Black

With an uptick in COVID-19 cases recently, the holidays looked quite different for many Byram Hills students. A poll by The Oracle found that roughly 78% of students did not travel this winter break and roughly 22% did*. So what did this look like for various students? Audrey Goldberg, a sophomore who did not travel for the holidays, has taken as many precautions as possible: “I haven’t been out of state since February and don’t see many people outside of my immediate family… I believe it is super important to take quarantining seriously. We have seen many places that do not follow the rules, such as Los Angeles, and they are suffering the consequences.” This view aligns with the vast majority of students who opted to stay home. However, there are others who opted to travel.

This is indicative of a larger theme, as the Washington Post found that “the influx marks a steady increase in the frequency of days in which travel volumes surpass 1 million daily passengers.” Furthermore, this trend comes on the tail end of a Center for Disease Control recommendation of postponing travel on December 2nd. Though travel does make the spread of COVID-19 more probable, taking the most precautions possible means it can be done relatively safely. Ultimately, a distinct majority of students chose to not travel for the holidays while only a few did. In the time following this holiday break, it is important to remember to follow guidelines and recommendations, as you are not just putting yourself at risk but others as well. 

* Note: small sample size