A Look Back: Winter Break Spent Six Feet Apart

Normally, students can look forward to enjoying time off from school, spending time with family, and celebrating the holidays during winter break. However, the precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 forced students to adjust their plans this year. Read on to find out how students at BHHS spent their winter break.

By Audrey Goldberg 

As expected, the COVID-19 pandemic greatly affected BHHS students’ ability to experience their ordinary, exciting, and fun winter break. This year, for example, few students traveled out-of-state, as the majority remained in the comfort of their own homes. Naturally, staying at home prevents the spread of COVID-19. Plus it allows students to spend even more time with their families! 

Sarah Thielmann, a sophomore, adds “Over winter break, I wasn’t able to enjoy the activities that I usually do with my family in past years. I typically go to the movies, go out to eat. Regarding the holidays, Christmas just didn’t feel like Christmas. Although I got to spend it with my family, it was slightly disappointing.” Of course celebrating holidays with your immediate family is a privilege. Still, many were also hoping to see grandparents and other members of their extended family. Sadly, due to COVID regulations, this was practically impossible. Byram Hills student Gabi Alfonso agrees with Sarah Theilmen. She states, “Celebrating the holidays was not as fun.” For Gabi, waking up on Christmas morning and opening her presents simply didn’t feel right. She was missing something; she was missing the love and warmth of all her family. Because people were unable to go out to celebrate, students were forced to improvise. 

Specifically, some of the most common activities students participated in over the break were watching TV shows and movies, listening to music, cooking and baking, having Zoom calls with family and friends, playing with pets, and even playing online games such as “Among Us.” Such relaxing activities helped students feel rejuvenated, so that they could come back to school feeling refreshed and ready to learn. Freshman Ariana Garcia exclaims, “I made the most out of those two weeks by trying to focus on myself. Winter break made me realize how important mental health is.” Considering how difficult a year 2020 was, it was only logical that students devote significant time towards their mental health and well being. Resting the mind will be beneficial for these students heading into the new year.