Poll Analysis: What is Your Favorite Social Media Platform?

Social media is a prominent part of teenagers’ lives. Technology affects the way individuals interact with their peers, and as technology evolves, society changes with it. Read on to see which social media platforms Byram Hills students use.

By Samantha Gershuny

Byram Hills High School students were asked to indicate their favorite social media platform on a recent Oracle survey. As indicated, 33.33% of students selected Instagram, 50.00% preferred Snapchat, and 16.67% answered Tik Tok.* Sophomore Ella Javorsky, whose favorite social media platform is Tik Tok, affirms “Tik Tok is the app I immediately press when looking for a laugh, inspiration for recipes, fun activities, or pure entertainment during quarantine. In all, I have found so many organization tips, recipes, and fun hacks off of Tik Tok!” This view, though  not chosen by many, is in fact very similar to my own opinion about the app. 

Social Media, for better or for worse, plays a huge role  in the lives of most teenagers. Identifying the right online platform for you is a great way to connect with others and find your inspiration. Furthermore, each of these platforms are unique and provide a multitude of different functions. In particular, Snapchat allows you to text and send pictures of yourself to friends. Snapchat also allows you to subscribe to news channels and reports that are specialized for your personal interests. Meanwhile, Instagram, very similar to Facebook, is a platform that you can post images on, and your followers have the ability to like and comment on these images. You have the opportunity to follow famous individuals and brands you have an interest in as well. Overall, there is an abundance of social media platforms that you can join. And the best part? They are all right at your fingertips. 

* Note: small sample size