BHHS Talent Still Shines Virtually

With clubs moving online, their leaders are constantly finding new ways to make a difference with the current circumstances. The One World Club and Youth Against Cancer Club worked to keep the over ten-year-old tradition of their talent show alive this year. Read more to learn about how these groups not only raised money for meaningful causes, but also brought the community together!

By Hallie Gordon

While club events had to move online this year, the legacy of the One World/Youth Against Cancer show prevailed! BHHS students from all grades were able to showcase their talents for a worthy cause. The show was accessible on the school website, and students who donated were even able to vote for a talent show winner.

Teacher advisor for both Youth Against Cancer and the One World Club, Mr. Horowtiz, states that “The goal has always been to be a local service-based club focused on local charities by providing opportunities for students to become proactive and responsible citizens by participating in or attending charity events and fundraisers that raise awareness and funds for various local organizations in need.” This talent show has existed for over ten years, and although online this year, the clubs were able to raise $930, which is consistent with what they have raised in previous years. He highlights that an unexpected positive of the online show was that students were able to refine their performance. On the other hand, they did lose the “intimate aspect of a live audience.” 

President of Youth Against Cancer, Lily Deitelzweig, shares that they had to use a new electronic system to raise money called mypaymentsplus, as exchanging physical money wouldn’t be COVD-safe This system, which is the same as the lunch account system, allowed the club to “easily raise funds for the event even in a virtual setting!” Mr. Horowitz would even like to continue using mypaymentsplus for future events as it is an easy way to move to a paperless platform. 

Junior Ross Eagle explains that not only did the talent show support a good cause, but it also brought the community together. Ross preformed in the in person talent show last year and reflected, “even though this year would be in video form, it was still important, and almost more important, for people to participate.” Ross felt honored to be part of the talent show and applauds the staff that took the time to put the talent show together. 

Junior Brady Schlosser performed live in the talent show last year too, and this year he used a video he already recorded over quarantine. Brady created a video with clips of him playing a variety of instruments overlapping. He thinks that his “video was somewhat unique and maybe gives others ideas as to what they can do next year.” He is motivated to participate in the talent show to encourage his peers  to donate through the One World Club and Youth Against Cancer Clubs. 

Arielle Goldman has loved watching the talent show for her past three years in high school. She says, “While the online talent show may not have been as fun to see compared to the ones in person, it was also a great experience: “The eclectic talent was awesome.” 

Nothing beats the intimacy of gathering in person. But, Youth Against Cancer and the One World Club were able to bring the community together during these difficult times and make a difference in the world!