Talking About Time Travel: Tenet Movie Review

If you are looking for a movie to watch, one BHHS student highly recommends Tenet! Tenet is a newly released science fiction film. Read on to hear their thoughts on this movie.

By Nicolette DiSano

Christopher Nolan’s Tenet is a science fiction film released in 2020. At times, the movie can be confusing and difficult to follow due to the complex plot. Still, the awesome action scenes and extraordinarily unique concept behind the film make this movie a must watch! The movie takes place in a time where The Future has seemingly declared war on The Present due to their mishandling of climate change. The Future has invented a technology called “inversion,” which allows people and objects to travel through time by reversing their entropy. In this Inversion process, everything appears to be moving backwards while you move forward. The movie helps the viewer better understand this concept by depicting birds flying backwards and cars driving backwards.  In the movie, the main character, played by John David Washington, is called the Protagonist (yes, that’s his name!) The Protagonist must travel through time and fight to save The Present from The Future and supervillain Andrei Sator.

The Protagonist and his companions travel all around the world and all through time to try to save the world from utter destruction. The key to the Protagonist’s mission is his secret weapon: “tenet.” The code word “tenet, when used, makes  the person the Protagonist  speaks with automatically trust him. As we see, the Protagonist uses the word to work his way through a number of sticky situations. Ultimately, The Protagonist and his team  must identify a secret  algorithm before it is too late and World War III is set off.

Overall, I would give Tenet a 7 out of 10 rating. The concept is interesting, the action is engaging, and the actors were great.  At the same time, and as you might expect after reading this review, the movie is confusing right from the get-go. My family and I had to discuss the plot several times during the film to understand it better. If you do decide to watch it,  I will leave you with an important tip. Put the subtitles on! The sound quality is questionable at times and the accents are difficult to understand. Despite this drawback, I would certainly recommend this movie!