By Steven Franco

It’s no secret that Disney has done an incredible job creating and expanding on the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). With films such as The Avengers, Iron Man, and Spider-Man: Homecoming, Disney has taken these stories and turned them into money-making machines; so much in fact that three out of the top ten movies of all time are Marvel movies. However, many fans asked, “What now?” when the last installment, Spider Man: Far From Home, ended its run at the box office. Disney’s response? WandaVision. 

WandaVision, a Disney + exclusive, which combines the MCU with classical American television, tells the story of two of the most powerful Avengers, Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olson) and Vision (Paul Bettany). Unlike anything we have seen before from Marvel, the first episode focuses on the newly married couple living life in a 1950’s suburban town. To add to the illusion that one is watching a classic sitcom, Disney took it one step further and put the first two episodes in black and white. 

Many fans were extremely confused about the plot of the series, with senior Daniel Casier 21’ stating that, “While each episode begins and ends similar to a mid-1900s sitcom, the middle of each episode brings out the show’s uniqueness, and we get to see a sneak peek of what is happening to Wanda. Like when Vision’s boss chokes and his wife laughs or a man on the radio asks Wanda, ‘who is doing this to you?’ The show definitely threw me for a loop and left me utterly confused and hoping for an explanation.”

With the first few episodes behind us, and subscribers like Casiler waiting for the next episode, many were anxious to see how the series would play out. Junior Talia Deutsch explained, “Episode two really left me anxious to see how the show would play out. I’ve seen some of the Marvel movies, and I really didn’t want the first show the MCU put out to not do good.” 

Despite this, hopes were raised when the third episode was released on January 21st. 

This episode was the first of the series to be in color and further expanded on the show’s element of family. Wanda became pregnant with Vision’s children (Billy and Tommy) and gave birth all over the course of a day. Throughout this episode, Geraldine, played by Teyonah Parris, was by Wanda’s side through the complicated process of giving birth. This “best-friend” bond between the two takes a twist when Geraldine brings up Wanda’s late brother, Pietro Maximof (QuickSilver), and asks, “He was killed by Ultron? Wasn’t he?”. Wanda suggests that she should leave, and the next time we see Geraldine, she is lying in a field with helicopters surrounding her and what looked to be an electric wall. Of course, Byram fans are speculating on what this “wall” was and how it will play into the next episode.