Freshman Perspective on the Innovative Bobcat Hall

Bobcat Hall, a place to stay in the mornings, study, and eat lunch has been renovated to create a more refreshing environment. Now, this environment is much more practical for the students. Not only does it create a better way for students to interact and get work done, but it also meets COVID guidelines. Read on to find out how freshmen feel about these changes.

By Ariana Chace

Recently, Bobcat Hall was renovated to create a more COVID-friendly atmosphere. I spoke to a few of my classmates to get their opinions on this renovation. Some of the changes include new seating, new paintings, and an overall rearrangement of tables to complement the space. 

When asked about any thoughts or feedback on the changes, one ninth-grade student replied, “I think it was a great use of space and a really nice way to make it more accessible for students to have places to eat, work, etc.” Another student added, “I think Bobcat Hall’s new additions are useful and safe. With tables being different and having plexiglass on them it creates a safer place for everyone to eat.” So far it is clear that not only do students feel positive about these adjustments, they also feel safer. While once this room full of desks was a waiting and lunch area for freshmen, now it is a much more interactive space where freshmen students can socialize while still following safety guidelines. 

Walking into this area of the school created an awkward environment for students prior to the renovation, but now students have been given back some sense of normalcy. Another one of my ninth-grade classmates said, “I think the new additions in Bobcat Hall are very smart. Now that they turned the space into an area for students to eat, hang out and go to be productive, more students feel it is safe and COVID-friendly to still be social with their friends.” This is a perfect example of how this new space is allowing students to find some good during such a difficult time. 

Times have been rough on many students in terms of academic and social life. Students are facing a lot of stress and pressure every day, and having a space where they are introduced to more communication and safer ways to be productive and study or get work done will definitely make a difference. I believe that this renovation is a step forward in making a safer atmosphere where students are still able to have fun.