What Students Did Over February Break

February break served as the perfect hiatus from the long school days in the cold winter. Each student spent their week off differently in order to relax and regroup. Continue reading to learn what many students did, and how we can approach the future with a positive attitude!

Cover photo courtesy of Remi Matza

Article by Ella Javorsky

After the long month of January — the cold, snow, and wrapping up the second quarter of school — nearly all students can agree that they were eager for February break. Despite the limitations brought on by COVID-19, I know that I was happy to have a week to relax, regroup, and refocus. 

Now that we approach the third quarter, the break served as a celebration for reaching the halfway mark of the school year. The first quarter is always an adjustment period. New school year, new teachers, new classes, and new expectations. Students familiarize themselves with their schedule and the classes that they are taking. Second quarter can be tough. Teachers have set the bar, and they begin to challenge students and increase their workload. In order to achieve success, students must remain focused on their work and maintain motivation, even during the dark days of winter. 

Now that February break has passed, we can begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Spring is slowly approaching, and students feel at ease knowing that we are already in the second semester. The week off was the perfect time to refocus and approach the future with a positive mindset. Sophomore Aliza Hammond has gone to Florida for the week and according to her, “After being trapped inside due to the snow and cold weather, the sun was the perfect escape. I forgot how much of a mood booster the sun is, and it got me excited for spring and what is to come.” 

While many were lucky enough to escape the cold, other students remained cozy in their beds as the snow piled high outside. I stayed home this break and took the extra time to hang out with my family, organize my room, and do the little things that I tend to put off during the school week. I even had the opportunity to get certified to be a lifeguard so that I can work this summer, and it should be a great experience. 

Senior Gabby Ripka has begun her final season on the girls varsity basketball team, and she is excited to work hard, be with the team, and hopefully get some wins in.

The intense snow that we have been getting has called all skiers to the slopes. The conditions are ideal, and who doesn’t love skiing in the powder? Remi Matza visited her brother at college in Colorado, and they were excited to hit the slopes of Aspen for a couple of days. Skiing is fun and exhilarating, but it is also extremely calming. Remi elaborates on this feeling: “When I am skiing, it feels as if with each turn I make, I am leaving a worry or problem behind. It is an unexplainable feeling, and I was so excited to be with my brother doing something that we love.” 

Everyone spent the break differently, but in the end, the vacation allowed students to get away from their desk and enjoy some time off. As we return, our minds will be clear, and we will be ready to approach the future with a positive attitude.