By Reese Ertel

During a Coronavirus-filled year of limited interaction with people, 2021 Valentine’s Day was not that exciting for many. In addition, people who do not have a significant other to celebrate Valentine’s Day with may dread the sappy romance in the month of February. The National Art Honor Society wanted to ensure that not only did no one dread February, but also that many people felt loved by their friends and peers during this difficult time. 

Art Honor Society President Emma Sullivan came up with the idea of Valentine-O-Grams to lift spirits. Emma explains her idea behind this awesome Valentine’s activity:

“A few years back, we had anonymous candy cane gifts that people could send to each other…I always loved the idea, but I wanted to incorporate art and the honor society, so I created Valentine-O-Gram! All it took was one simple form for people to fill out with a message they wanted to send someone with a certain piece of art!” The students in the National Art Honor Society created Valentine-themed drawings and paintings, and with a click of a button, people could send a picture of their choice of Valentine art and a message to anyone in the school.

This small act of kindness exceeded nearly everyone’s expectations. Emma explains, “We got over 200 submissions which was super surprising, but I was really happy and excited about it! That meant there were more than 200 people that were going to get cards saying that they are loved!” She continues, “So many people sent inside jokes to friends, hilarious love poems, and even a few secret confessions of crushes! I think everyone had a great time giving and receiving these on Valentine’s Day, and I really hope that the NAHS will keep this going in the future!” A recipient of  a Valentine-O-Gram, Chloe Siegle, speaks about her experience receiving one: “I was totally surprised when the email came through. I received a cute cartoon of Valentine’s Day Snoopy from my friend, and it made my whole day. It was a little unexpected act of kindness that put a smile on my face.”

Emma sorted through all of the Valentine-O-Grams and individually emailed them out. With her hard work as well as the National Art Honor Society’s great artwork, the joy of Valentine’s Day spread throughout the Byram community. Small acts of kindness like these ensured that love was in the air in this year!