A Sweet Day in Armonk

Hungry? Craving a sweet treat? Read on to learn about the most delicious and creative desserts in Armonk!

By Jack Canter

After a long day, there’s always one thing I can count on to cheer me up: dessert! Whether it be Nana’s gooey brownies or Carvel’s Fudgie the Whale, a good treat will always hit my sweet spot (literally!). In this edition of Hungry Jack, I will be reviewing my favorite desserts in Armonk. As a passionate foodie, choosing these desserts was difficult because there are so many amazing treats in Armonk. After careful consideration (and a lot of calories), I narrowed it down to my top three desserts. 

Beascakes, established in 2002, is known for its delicious and creative sweet treats. The long line outside the door is evidence enough of this bakery’s outstanding quality and mouth-watering pastries. In my opinion, there is one special dessert that stands out from all of the others at Beascakes: their delicious strawberry donuts. These pink, rosy donuts have the perfect mix of smooth frosting, delightful dough, and colorful sprinkles. I had the opportunity to eat them right out of the oven fresh and ready, and the scent was extraordinary. I felt like I was in an epic strawberry farm inside the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory! And the donut tasted even better than the delectable smell. The crisp outer layer of the dough coupled with the soft, warm inside made each bite an exceptionally tasty experience. Lorraine Disano, a current senior at Byram Hills High School thinks these donuts are the “best donuts ever, the dough is so fluffy, and when you take your first bite, you can’t stop!”


Although Nick’s Pizza & Ice Cream is known for their delicious pizza, they have super tasty ice cream and unique flavors. I will be talking about Nick’s Cannoli Ice Cream. My family always buys a quart, but it seems like a couple bites because the second it arrives home, it is immediately gone! Everyone in my family turns into a  vulture trying to take the largest serving. And luckily, Nick’s is right down the street from my house, so this happens a lot. It has the perfectly crisp cannoli bits mixed flawlessly with the ideal refreshing mascarpone ice cream. Gavin Jakubek, a current freshman at Byram Hills High School describes this ice cream as, “It always hits the spot. Whenever I need a go-to dessert, I always try to get the Cannoli ice cream from Nicks.” If you like cannolis and ice cream, oh boy will you love this earth-shattering treat! It’s the best of both worlds

Ever since SugarHi came to Armonk, they have been known for having funky and creative treats. Whenever I go inside, the bright colors of the treats and the diverse, delectable selection make me feel like I’m in the Candy Land Kingdom! My favorite original dessert is their delicious milk chocolate-covered potato chips. Yup, you heard me right! The crunchy chip combined with the creamy, delicious chocolate creates the perfect sweet and salty mix. I know potato chips can be addictive (I can’t ever put the bag down!), but these milk chocolate-covered potato chips are a whole new level of delicious. Lucas Canter, a current freshman at Byram Hills High School says this about the chocolate-covered potato chips, “At first, I was so confused why someone would ever make that combo. The second I tried it I knew why. It was delicious!” Sometimes, the best combinations are unexpected. That’s why unique and seemingly strange treats can be the most wonderful desserts. 

Thanks for reading the dessert review of Hungry Jack. Hopefully, this article didn’t make you too hungry. And if it did, you now know where to satisfy your appetite. If you are ever having a bad day or have a random sweet craving, I hope you will try these local, delicious gems. I promise they won’t let your tastebuds down!