Spectacular Senior Leadership Roles!

Senior leadership at Byram Hills is an outstanding way to be the leader students once looked up to! Read more to learn about the plethora of leadership roles and how eager the juniors are to get started.

Photo: 2020 mentors on Halloween 

By Hallie Gordon

Freshmen await the time when they can apply to be a senior leader! These leaders are positive role models for not only the freshmen, but also a source of positivity for the entire school. Byram Hills offers a wide variety of leadership opportunities for juniors to apply to. These positions range from being a chemistry teacher’s assistant to helping guide the freshmen through the transition from middle school to high school. In this article, you will hear from a plethora of eager juniors who have earned leadership positions for the upcoming school year. 

Jessica Kahn, who plans to be a Computer Science TA next year, is very excited to help spread her love of computer science because she feels “it is the wave of the future.” In an interview, Kahn shares that Computer Science TA is one of the least spoken about senior leadership positions. She states, “I started computer science last year and loved it because it was a combination of problem solving and creative thinking.” As a student, Kahn values forming close relationships with her teachers. She hopes to form relationships with her class, which can possibly include her friends, to create the most beneficial learning environment possible. 

Another great option for seniors to teach a difficult subject is to be a Chemistry TA. This is a great role for people who want to use their passion for chemistry to help other students understand its complex concepts. Dylan Haber applied to be a Chemistry TA to not only help others learn the content, but also be the role model he always loved having. In his interview, he shared, “I am excited to take chemistry for a third year but from a completely different perspective, and I can’t wait to see how much more I can learn by teaching the material.” Aside from the more academic leadership positions, juniors also have the opportunity to be a mentor for students socially. 

For students who want to advocate for healthy lifestyles as well as the importance of staying drug and alcohol free, Peer Leadership is the perfect program. Talia Deutsch applied to be a peer leader because she wants to not only emphasize maintaining both physical and mental health, but also to be a person her class feels comfortable approaching for any advice. Deutsch shares, “My main goal as a peer leader is to be an additional resource to the sophomore students because I have found it easier to seek advice from someone closer in age.” Deutsch remembers her own positive experience with her peer leaders and is thrilled to have the opportunity to be a leader like the ones she looked up to. 

Lastly, the senior Mentor Program has a longstanding reputation for its positive experience on the entire school. It serves as a source of comfort for the rising freshmen. Danny Bernstein has wanted to be a senior mentor because he likes teaching other kids. He mentioned his outstanding experience with mentor as a freshman and is excited to get to create this same environment. Additionally, for the past five years, the Mentor Program extended to the Language Communication and Careers (LCC) Program. This program involves cooking, problem solving, teaching social skills and academic support. I am looking forward to getting to be a LCC mentor in the upcoming school year. I hope to be someone the students can look up to and create the most encouraging atmosphere possible. 

Overall, senior leadership programs are a great way to get involved in the school community and build essential leadership skills. It is a fabulous opportunity to serve as a role model for the entire school.