Spectacular Summer Plans

After an unprecedented year, students are thrilled to have the opportunity to have a fun and interesting summer experience. Read on to learn about students’ spectacular summer plans!

Photo by Sammy Glusky

Article by Arielle Goldman

After this especially unique school year, students at Byram Hills are extremely excited about basking in the summer sun and immersing themselves in their favorite hobbies. During the summer of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic forced most teenagers to stay at home instead of pursuing their fascinating travel or research plans. However, with the advent of the vaccine, most activities and public places have opened up, and students are now thrilled to have the opportunity to take a break from schoolwork and enjoy some summer fun! 

Specifically, many juniors involved with the Authentic Science Research Program are excited to conduct a study with their mentor. While some students have had to revise their studies so that they could be performed at home since many labs are closed, other students are lucky enough to have the opportunity to conduct in-person research. For example, junior Arianna Tabankin, who studied dengue virus, stated, “I plan to travel to my mentor’s lab this summer in upstate New York and take part in the study my mentor and I have been planning over the past year. Science Research is one of my favorite classes, and I feel very lucky, especially during these unprecedented times, to have an experience inside an actual lab!” As you can see, Science Research students, who have the opportunity to work in labs, are feeling ecstatic right now. Moreover, other students, such as junior Dani Eder, have decided to take courses at universities. Dani mentioned that she is “staying at Westmont College, a liberal arts university in Santa Barbara, California where I am taking a Psychology of Human Behavior class and a Sports Management class. I am looking forward to being independent while living thousands of miles from home and having a taste of college life.” 

Some students are also travelling outside of Armonk; however, their goal is more so to take a break from the rigor of the school year by relaxing on a beach, being adventurous, or returning to familiar summer plans of the previous years. Junior Hallie Gordon revealed, “This summer, I am going to Hawaii, Alaska, and the West Coast on a teen tour! I have worked so hard this year in school, and I am beyond excited to be on the beach and be a tourist in places I have never visited before. Also, I am looking forward to spending the trip with some of my closest camp friends who I have not spent the summer with since 2019!” Another student, Sammy Glusky, is thrilled to be able to go back to camp since it was closed last summer. She shares, “As cliche as it sounds, camp is my second home. I adore my friends, the activities, and the environment. Especially since I was not permitted to go last year, I know this summer will be more special than it ever has been.”

On the other hand, some students are staying home this summer and are looking forward to relaxing or finding a local job. Junior Chloe Fang is planning to work as a lifeguard at Long Ridge, a local day camp, while also preparing for next year’s volleyball season. She exclaimed, “I am so excited to be outside with the kids every day! Camp was such a fun place for me when I was younger, and it is very important to me to be a part of that experience for someone else.” This summer is particularly special for the students at Byram Hills because activities have finally reopened, and students have the opportunity to take part in a job or experience they have been dreaming of since last summer. Therefore, students plan to make the most of the two month break from school by taking advantage of the heat and the almost COVID-free atmosphere!