Camaraderie as the Key Contributor to Lacrosse’s Success

Despite the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has placed on sports teams, the girls and boys lacrosse teams were able to prevail and have fabulous seasons. Read more to learn about the teams’ successes and the bonds they built.

By Hallie Gordon

Especially given all the challenges of this school year, the ability to be a part of a large, supportive community can allow students to flourish. Specifically, as members of a sports team, students have something to look forward to as well as the opportunity to leave the worries of the year behind and play the sport they truly love. Both the girls and boys lacrosse teams had extremely successful seasons, each defined by the players’ hard work, dedication and most importantly, a sense of pride. 

The Girls Lacrosse Team is proud to announce that they are the champions of their league. While not getting to play this season because of an injury, the team manager, junior Sammy Glusky, was grateful to be part of such a special community. Through team bonding activities, like socially distant dinners and dress up days, Sammy felt like a true part of the team, even from the sidelines, which is a true testament to the team’s camaraderie. She shares, “It didn’t matter what grade a person was in; students all the way from eighth to twelfth grade came together to form one cohesive team.” As a manager, Sammy was responsible for marking the score book and recording the games. Although she wished she was on the field alongside her teammates, Sammy enjoyed watching her teammates work together and grow all season as a collective unit. Moreover, junior Jessica Kahn enjoyed being a member of the team because, for two hours every day, she could take a break from the stress of junior year and AP tests. Additionally, she equally valued the time spent getting to know new people and clearing her mind. 

Likewise, the Boys Lacrosse Team had a very successful season as well, advancing all the way to the section finals. Sophomore Gavin Javorsky reflects back on a spectacular season and how the team made the best of the situation at hand. Even though the team could not do some things they would have in a normal year, such as spending time in the locker room, Gavin shared that they “were all grateful to have a season and to be playing the sport we love.” He explains that being on the lacrosse team is his favorite thing to do not only because of the time spent on the field, but also because of getting to feel like part of a team with the people he loves and has been playing with his entire life. Specifically, he looked back on the section semifinal against Pelham: After Byram went down five goals early, the team did not give up and eventually came back to win the game. Gavin explains that this victory best showed how “we are a team who is willing to give it 110% for all 48 minutes of the game.”

Overall, both the girls and boys lacrosse teams had outstanding seasons. Their passion for the sport and their willingness to create strong bonds throughout the team was certainly a great attribute of their success!