Byram Sports in 2021: What You Need to Know

The world of sports has changed drastically over the past couple of years. Keep reading to learn how it has impacted student athletes at Byram Hills.

By Eliza Zeltner

The last eighteen months have been a wild ride for everyone — especially our athletes. The worldwide lockdowns that began in March of 2020 spared no one. While businesses all over the globe were shut down, the life-changing sports that we know and love were jeopardized as well. Luckily, with current increased vaccination and lowered COVID transmission rates, the wondrous world of high school sports has begun to open up. 

Because of the circumstances, now more than ever our student athletes are excited to play. Senior and Co-Captain of the Girls Varsity Tennis Team, Sydney Levy, is no exception. When asked about COVID’s impact on this past season, Levy said, “COVID has not caused much change to this season. We wear masks on the bus and when we are inside, but we are usually outside, where masks are not required.” Evidently, COVID has not gotten in the way of the Girls Varsity Tennis Team as their success this year is absolutely extraordinary. 

In addition, senior member of Girls Varsity Volleyball, Emily Hollander, had a slightly different experience. She shares, “Last season we were limited in the number of teams we played, but this season we aren’t.” She adds, “We have to wear masks while playing, which is very difficult sometimes.” As you can see, the limitations set because of COVID can be challenging, but they do not stop our athletes from doing what they love.