Recap of the Girls Varsity Tennis Team’s Historic Season

The Varsity Girls Tennis Team had an eventful season and ended up bringing home the first female State Championship in Byram Hills history! Read on to learn about the girls’ thoughts and takeaways from the season as well as their relationship to female empowerment at BHHS.

By Chloe Fang

The Varsity Girls Tennis Team accomplished something that had yet to be done in Byram Hills history: bringing home a female state championship. Not only have these young women defied the odds by obtaining an undefeated record of 22-0, but they came together as a team to represent every female athlete at Byram Hills High School.

The season started out strong as they made their way through their regular season and gained their first win against traditional powerhouse Greeley High School. From there, the team of 19 girls put in an immense amount of hard work in practice to increase their skill level and finish the regular season undefeated. Equally important, they were able to come together as a team to prevail as the Section 1 champions on October 21st. The members of this team come from 8th to 12th grade. Thus,the four co-captains of this year’s team, Sydney Levy, Chloe Siegle, Alyssa Margolin, and Eva Shrayer, were tasked with setting an example for their younger team members. When asked about how these captains led the way, Alyssa Margolin stated, “This year, our coach and all the captains demonstrated the importance of always giving your all in practice and matches and being willing to make sacrifices for the team. I think the whole team recognized that these sacrifices and small steps in the journey paid off based on the success the team had.” 

While the members of this team put in the hard work to bring success on the court, they also had to maintain a balance between tennis,academics, and their social life. Chloe Siegle comments, “As the season continued on, farther than many of us had ever dreamed of, we all had to adjust our schedules and put tennis as our first priority as we wanted this more than anything. We all came together as a team and helped each other out to make sure we were all part of this amazing journey.” The balance of schoolwork, social activities, and tennis was a challenge for the team, especially for the seniors who were managing college applications as well, but they were able to persevere nonetheless. In doing so, this Varsity girls team became a symbol for all of the female varsity sports at Byram Hills High School. Namely, as the first varsity female sport to bring home a state championship, the 2021 Girls Tennis Team has given hope to the rest of the female athletes at BHHS that achievements like this are in fact attainable.

Moreover, Covid-19 was a challenge that every varsity sport has faced these past two years, but this year, we began to see the transformation back to normalcy. Sydney Levy noted, “Last year there were spectator restrictions because of the pandemic. Having support from a lot of fans this year was really special. It is amazing to have so much support from the school district and town. Our parade was really memorable, and we are grateful that we have received so much support.” After a long 2020, the tennis team was back on track and ready to secure their wins throughout the season. 

As the tennis season progressed, this group of girls became female role models, as they were largely represented in F.A.S.T. F.A.S.T., or Female Athlete Stand Together, at BHHS, aims to empower all female athletes to support each other in their successes and challenges. This team showed our community what support from other female athletes can accomplish, and we are grateful to have this amazing organization to support our fellow athletes. 

This season was like no other for the Girls Varsity Tennis Team of 2021, and the memories made along with their accomplishments made for a very memorable and proud season for the BHHS community.