A Quarter Way Done Through a Relatively Normal Year

After almost two years of online and hybrid learning, students finally lived through one quarter of an almost-normal year. Students reflect on their feelings about the first quarter ending.

By Cynthia Han

Since the spring of 2019, the world was turned upside down. For many, home became school, classrooms became computers, and the internet became a secondary teacher. Even when Byram Hills adopted a hybrid schedule during the 2020 school year in an attempt to provide some sort of normality, it was only during the first quarter of the 2021 school year that the schedule finally truly returned to normal.

Some students have struggled in the start of this year before adjusting to the normal schedule once again. “At first it was overwhelming,” said Allison Cooper of the Girls Tennis Team. “Especially with the workload of junior year compared to last year’s workload online. I feel like now that the quarter is over, I’m fully adjusted to in-school learning, and I feel like I have been successful despite everything.”

Others are just relieved that school returned to how it used to be. Junior student Amy Gagliardi said, “I’m happy that we were able to go back to being in school full time, and I think it was good to get to a more normal routine.” Another anonymous student also commented, “It feels good to finally get back to normal. It was definitely rough in the beginning for me, but I really enjoy full-time in-school learning so far.”

For several students, the first quarter ending meant less pressure and served as a reminder that school was already one fourth of the way done. Junior student and Oracle writer Audrey Goldberg said, “I’m happy the first quarter ended because it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.”
Nevertheless, with the first quarter already done, many students have high hopes that school will continue its regular schedule well into the future.