By Jon Manowitz

Happy Holidays, Byram Hills Community! After a year of being unable to get together in large family gatherings, people are finally finding ways to safely congregate with the benefit of vaccinations, booster shots, and rapid tests.

This holiday season, some Byram Hills students are forgoing Zoom family gatherings, in anticipation of having a long awaited, more “normal” holiday, though are proceeding with caution given the recent spike in cases. Sophomore Peter Kaplan shared that he is looking forward to “spending time with [his] family and getting together with relatives at home.” Similarly, sophomore Connor Boekel also plans to “spend a lot of time with family and friends over the holidays this year.”

Junior Samantha Milewicz is “looking forward to spending time with family.”  Because both her brother and sister work full time, she hasn’t been able to see them a lot since school started. With her family completely vaccinated, they “will be able to go to Florida, which will be a nice escape from the quickly dropping temperatures of Armonk.”

As a senior, Madison Jakaj is approaching this holiday season with a new perspective: “I plan on spending the holiday season with close friends and family at home and enjoying a ‘staycation.’  As a senior, I want to spend as much time as I can with the people I love since I will be away at college soon.”

Other students plan to get away and travel with close family. Zach Pero, a sophomore, explains that he is most excited to “spend the break with [his] family, and [he is] especially looking forward to skiing with [his] brother.” Hopefully the snow will come soon for Zach and all the other families who plan on taking advantage of the break to spend some time in the mountains.

Whether you plan on seeing relatives, traveling, or simply enjoying the well-earned time off, we wish you a very happy and healthy holiday season!