BHSI TerraCycle: What You Need to Know

The Byram Hills Sustainability Initiative (BHSI) is running a TerraCycle initiative in our school. Continue reading to learn more about this initiative and how you can help.

By Eliza Zeltner

As a part of the Byram Hills Sustainability Initiative (BHSI), students collaborate on projects in order to help make our school more sustainable. One recent initiative is TerraCycle, as you might have heard on the school announcements recently. According to Penny Geller, a representative from the Parent Sustainability Committee, “TerraCycle is a recycling company that takes materials that are considered not recyclable and recycles them.” Basically, TerraCycle is a company that takes used materials from all over, and they turn them into something new and improved. They are able to take nonrecyclables and create something “more durable [and] recyclable,” Geller adds. 

In an interview, Geller consistently emphasizes how small actions can make a tremendous impact. She says, “People can do very little and still produce a lot of good. We are not asking everyone to become 100% waste free overnight but just trying to help put these items in the right place can help. Baby steps!”

Geller and the rest of the Sustainability Committee and BHSI ask others to consider TerraCycle. Small conscientious actions add up over time and can really make a significant difference in the end. For the month of January, the BHSI is collecting used personal beauty care items for TerraCycle. If everyone recycles one shampoo cap, one soap dispenser, or one lip balm tube, we as a community could really make a huge positive impact on our environment. If you are interested in participating in the BHSI TerraCycle program, click here to see what item is being collected this month. If you do not have any used personal beauty care items for TerraCycle, look out for a new item to TerraCycle every two months. 

To conclude, I would like to further emphasize the importance of small actions taken to better the community and environment. As a New Year’s resolution, try to become more sustainable and contribute to the TerraCycle program in our school. Lastly, always remember that you have the power to make an impact; whether it will be a positive one is up to you.