Holiday Meals: Traditions on a Full Belly

The holiday season is finally here! This article will give you some unique and creative food ideas to make for your family during the holiday season.

By Jack Canter

It’s finally the holiday season, and along with great holidays comes great food. 

The first holiday this article will cover is Hanukkah. There are so many delicious Hanukkah foods, it’s hard to know where to begin. To start, there are potato latkes. Potato latkes are small pancakes that are made from grated potatoes. They are always so crispy and hit the spot every time. Some great toppings to put on them are sour cream and applesauce. Another great Hanukkah food is sweet and sour meatballs. These are made by my family with chili sauce and jelly on meatballs with onions. They are the perfect mix of sweet and spicy and are always a big hit. Finally, to end the day, you always need dessert. One very popular Hanukkah dessert is jelly donuts. Jelly donuts are exactly what you think they are, a donut filled with mouth-watering jelly. Although this might seem simple, they are delicious and very fun to make.

Another holiday associated with amazing food is Christmas. A unique Christmas dish that stood out most to me is pigs in a blanket. Pigs in a blanket are essentially bite-size hot dogs wrapped in biscuit dough. These two foods complement each other so perfectly and when golden crispy, they have the best crunch. In my opinion, pigs in a blanket are always good with some honey mustard or ketchup. Gavin Jakubek, a 10th grader at Byram Hills High School, thinks that pigs in a blanket are “so creative, and so mouthwatering at the same time.” The next Christmas food is the classic gingerbread cookie. Gingerbread cookies are often made with flour, baking soda, eggs, vanilla extract, brown sugar, molasses, butter, and of course a variety of spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger. There is nothing like eating a warm, doughy gingerbread cookie right out of the oven to put you in the holiday spirit. 

Last but not least we have New Year’s Eve cuisine. On this holiday, there are many routes you can take. A New Year’s Eve staple is seven layer dip. With a seven layer dip, there are a variety of toppings to choose from. My favorite seven layer toppings are refried beans, sour cream, ground beef, cheddar cheese, salsa, guacamole, and tomatoes. Dipping the tortilla chip and getting a bite with every topping is pure heaven. Another fun New Year’s food is fondue. First, there is cheese fondue which is a mix blend of multiple cheeses. Although the fondue is tasty alone, the toppings are what kicks it up a notch. Some toppings you can add are apples, pears, bread, peppers, and broccoli. Another kind of fondue is chocolate fondue. Chocolate fondue is made of melted chocolate, cream, and a pinch of salt. Some options for dipping in chocolate fondue are bananas, apples, graham crackers, brownies, Rice Krispies treats, and marshmallows. Lucas Canter, a 10th grader at Byram Hills High School, described chocolate fondue as “life changing and always makes my day.” My personal favorite combination is bananas with chocolate fondue. Nothing else matters in life when you are eating chocolate fondue and all you can think about is the gooey chocolate in your mouth.

I hope this provided some inspiration on what to make this year for the holiday season. Happy holidays!