One of the Greatest Rivalries in Formula One History: Lewis Hamilton Vs. Max Verstappen

Race cars drivers Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen have been competing in a very heated showdown for the crown of Formula One.

By Lucas Canter

Two prodigious talents have been facing off for the Formula One Championship since March of this year. One of them has emerged victorious, though the victory was as clean as desired. On one side was Lewis Hamilton, a 36-year-old driver, who, over his years, has amassed an impressive seven World Championship titles. He has won more races than any other driver and sits atop the all-time leaderboard with Michael Schumacher. On the other side is Max Verstappen, a 24-year-old driver that isn’t a global superstar outside of his racing career, unlike Hamilton. Verstappen’s father, Jos Verstappen, was a Formula One racer and a teammate of one of the best drivers in history, Michael Schumacher. As of November 21st, Verstappen and Hamilton were completely equal on points, but now, after the last race in Saudi Arabia, one of them has come out victorious: Max Verstappen. It was an extremely emotional race in Abu Dhabi, as Verstappen overtook Hamilton in the race’s final lap. Verstappen just had his wheels replaced, and on a bend, quickly took advantage of them to secure his victory. 

For reference, throughout the season, they continuously switched as leaders. In the end, though, Max Verstappen had one victory over Hamilton. This has also been the first year since 1974 that the top two drivers have been equal on points ahead of the finale. After the race ended, though, the two drivers didn’t just shake hands and leave the situation as it was. Mercedes, the sponsor of Lewis Hamilton, protested the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix final classification, citing breaches in two of the articles within the Sporting Regulations. Verstappen, being behind Hamilton, was called in by Red Bull and fitted with soft tires. The race resumed with one lap left, and within thirty minutes of the race ending, Mercedes launched their protests. Both of the individuals, though, have respect for each other as drivers, with Verstappen saying, “I just have a lot of respect for him, as a driver and I know he’s an amazing driver in terms of what he has achieved, but I’m just very happy that we won it.” Hamilton also personally congratulated Verstappen on his victory.

The two will continue to race, and it’s safe to say that people can look forward to their intense rivalry in the next season!