Leadership Board

Edith Bachmann (Class of 2022) is the Co-Editor in Chief of The Oracle. She loves sharing her love of reading through writing reviews and enjoys interviewing new people. If she ever has free time, she enjoys watching romcoms, spending time with her troublemaking cat, or reading any YA book she can get her hands on.

Nora Lowe (Class of 2022) is the Co-Editor in Chief of The Oracle. She prefers to write show and movie reviews but also dabbles in science/environmental news. Her hobbies include playing with her dog and watching the Great British Baking Show.

Raquel Kanner (Class of 2021) is the Social Media and Publicity Coordinator for The Oracle. She loves to write both opinion articles as well as spotlights on students and teachers at BHHS. In her free time, she loves watching the latest episode of SNL or trying new recipes for her food instagram (follow @oats.n.toastt)!

Bobby Ziff (Class of 2022) is the Sports Editor of The Oracle. He enjoys writing recaps of Byram sporting events and discussing current events in the sports world. His hobbies include playing piano and golf, as well as watching Penn State football.

Samantha Milewicz (Class of 2023) is the Graphics and Photography Coordinator of The Oracle. She is fond of creating photojournalism pieces highlighting the sports at Byram Hills; however, every so often, Samantha will write an article about current events in the world or at the high school. Something not many know people about Samantha is that her favorite place she has traveled to is Cuba, where she went on a photography trip for two weeks.



Ryan Bernstein is a passionate reader and writer, and particularly enjoys conducting interviews and reviews on current events. One fun fact about Ryan is that he has been playing tennis since 8 years old!

Arielle Goldman really enjoys interviewing new people and writing movie reviews, her hobbies include writing songs, writing poetry, and snuggling with her chocolate lab.

Hallie Gordon loves writing opinion articles and informing the community about school news. During her free time, she enjoys taking pictures for her photography class, spending time with friends and family, and watching her all time favorite movie Inside Out.

Reese Ertel prefers to write about school events and current issues. Her hobbies include drawing and painting, playing soccer, reading, and spending time with her family and friends.

Markian Nychka is a photographer for The Oracle. He prefers to photograph either landscapes or sports. He loves biking with his friends, playing tennis with his family and creating engaging highlight videos for our sports teams.

Evan Weiss loves writing about sports, business, and politics more than anything, but is open to writing about everything. His hobbies include playing sports, hanging out with friends and family, traveling, watching TV/movies, cooking/baking, and spending time with dogs.


Benjamin Berfield’s specialty is sports, but he wants to expand his mind on more topics. A fun fact about Benjamin is that he has sports blog named BBB Straight Talk Sports (

Chloe Bernstein’s preference for writing is opinion pieces and reviews, but she also enjoys writing about current events. A fun fact about Chloe is that she is one of four siblings and loves to play tennis.

Sydney Black primarily writes about politics but has written articles in a variety of other topic areas. Additionally, she has a slight obsession with koalas, a truly fantastic marsupial : )

Samantha Gershuny enjoys writing about current events in our world and community, as well as opinion based pieces. Her avocations include playing sports, such as soccer and lacrosse and spending time with her friends and family. 

Audrey Goldberg enjoys writing about current events and issues of interest. In addition, she loves to do competitive dance and spend time with her family.

Aliza Hammond loves writing about topics that pertain to the current news in the Byram Hills community, and she enjoys sharing her favorites books, movies and shows with the Oracle readers. Although some people may not know this, Aliza lived in London for two years of her life, spanning her first and second grade years.

Ella Javorsky loves to write articles about personal wellness as well as opinion based pieces. Her passions are soccer and running, and she loves to hang out with her friends, family, and playful dog Brody. To her, running is pacifying and mood-boosting.

Lindsay Miller’s journalism specialty includes opinion pieces and ones that require interviewing peers. Two fun facts about Lindsay are that she has watched The Office over 5 times all the way through and she loves the sun.

Remi Matza writes a variety of articles but mainly likes to focus on clubs and other volunteer opportunities at Byram as well as relevant issues relating to students. In her free time she loves to dance, spend time with family/friends, and spend time outdoors.

Peri Siskin likes to write interviews, especially the process of interviewing people, and occasionally will write current events pieces. Her hobbies include field hockey and debate.

Mya Tauber prefers to write reviews and about current events. Her hobbies include singing and playing with her dog named Monty.


Jack Canter has a column called Hungry Jack. He loves to write about various aspects of food. His hobbies include playing soccer and going on hikes with his dogs.

Lucas Canter likes to hike and play sports. He has 3 crazy dogs that he spends lots of time with.

Ariana Chace likes to write about current events and topics that engage most students as Byram Hills. She also is interested in writing about movies and pop culture. Her hobbies aside from writing include baking, biking, binge-watching, shopping, and listening to music.

Nicolette Disano prefers to write about current events but also loves sharing her love of movies/shows through writing reviews. In her free time, you can find her at dance, taking fashion design courses and hanging out with her friends and family.

Rebecca Geller likes to write reviews whether it be television shows, movies or books. Rebecca’s hobbies include playing tennis, and binging TV shows on Netflix for hours at a time.

Allegra Jooss enjoys writing reviews on movies and books. She loves playing volleyball in her free time and binge watching The Office.

Jon Manowitz prefers to write about sports and other student activities. His hobbies include playing lacrosse, skiing and spending time with his two dogs, Hogan and Cooper.