Should Byram Hills be an Open Campus?

By Kallie Hoffman The safety and welfare of Byram Hills students will always be our top priority, but if we can promote autonomy among the student population without compromising security, is that not a worthy pursuit? The school day is long and often hard, with an infinite amount of academic and social pressure. Students are often looking for a release, whether it be sports, theater, … Continue reading Should Byram Hills be an Open Campus?

Byram Traveling the World

By Alessandra Colella At Byram, so many opportunities and adventures are waiting for students. We have access to countless amounts of extracurriculars, AP courses, and athletics. Not only are these opportunities granted to us within our own little Armonk bubble, but students have been able to have opportunities to experience new things all across the world! After each school break, stories are told about exciting travels … Continue reading Byram Traveling the World

Field Day at Wampus Elementary School

By Lily Moss The annual Field Day at Wampus Elementary School is a day many Byram Hills students and teachers alike will never forget. It is a day of fun and excitement, where Wampus students enjoy relays, games, and competitive activities. The students are split into 3 teams based on who their teacher is. With summer approaching, students are able to enjoy the beautiful weather by … Continue reading Field Day at Wampus Elementary School

The HYPE Club

By Samantha Krevolin One of the many clubs at BHHS is the HYPE Club, which stands for Helping Young People Excel. This club is very special because it gives high school students opportunities to interact with and get to know people who have disabilities at special events throughout the school year. The club hosts four parties every year for local Westchester County organizations for people … Continue reading The HYPE Club

Welcoming Our New Superintendent, Mrs. Lamia

By Alexis Aberman Although students do not always have direct contact with their superintendents, Byram Hills’ superintendents do excellent jobs in maintaining the warm, successful, and high achieving academic atmosphere throughout the district. Early in this school year, Dr. Donohue, Byram’s current superintendent, announced that he would be retiring from Byram Hills School District. Community members were shocked to learn that Donohue, who has been committed … Continue reading Welcoming Our New Superintendent, Mrs. Lamia