Junior Year: Is it really that bad?

By Alessandra Colella As the Class of 2019 approaches the midpoint of their junior year, it is important to reflect and assess if this school year has lived up to its negative expectations. Junior year has built up a reputation for being the hardest year of one’s high school career. Juniors must take the ACT or SAT, visit colleges, build up their resumes, take driver’s … Continue reading Junior Year: Is it really that bad?

Nate Bergman: The Freshman Showstopper!

By Dani Cronin It is no secret that the Byram Hills theater department has a surplus of musical and theatrical talent! This year the Varley Players, the theater group at BHHS, welcomed an extremely talented freshman, Nate Bergman, to the stage! Premiering in his first high school performance this fall, Nate secured the lead role of Bobby Strong in the musical Urinetown. Earning a primary … Continue reading Nate Bergman: The Freshman Showstopper!

A New Start for Art

By Kallie Hoffman Byram Hills High School routinely qualifies for national science fairs, fills its auditorium for plays and musicals and attracts numerous spectators to its sporting events; however, often overlooked among the marvelous young biologists, actors, actresses and athletes are the enormous artistic abilities prevalent within its student body. Thus, to recognize the vast creative talents existing at Byram Hills, many of the art teachers … Continue reading A New Start for Art

The ACT vs the SAT: Tackling the Monster

By Hayley Siegle Roaming the halls of the Hills, you will often hear stressful sighs, frantic chatter about upcoming exams, and grunts about the “mountains” of work that a student may have. While yes, you’ll hear these sounds emerging from freshmen, sophomores, and seniors alike, it is the juniors who claim that they have it the worst, that they are plagued by the most work … Continue reading The ACT vs the SAT: Tackling the Monster

Saying “Hola” To The World Language Club

By David McDaniels 63.2 million people. That is the population of Spain, New York City, and Belgium all combined. Or to put it in terms perhaps better understood, it is about 252 times the amount of people that play HQ every night. This crazy figure is the number of people who are non-English speakers in the United States. So why is it that foreign language is … Continue reading Saying “Hola” To The World Language Club