A New Start for Art

By Kallie Hoffman Byram Hills High School routinely qualifies for national science fairs, fills its auditorium for plays and musicals and attracts numerous spectators to its sporting events; however, often overlooked among the marvelous young biologists, actors, actresses and athletes are the enormous artistic abilities prevalent within its student body. Thus, to recognize the vast creative talents existing at Byram Hills, many of the art teachers … Continue reading A New Start for Art

Saying “Hola” To The World Language Club

By David McDaniels 63.2 million people. That is the population of Spain, New York City, and Belgium all combined. Or to put it in terms perhaps better understood, it is about 252 times the amount of people that play HQ every night. This crazy figure is the number of people who are non-English speakers in the United States. So why is it that foreign language is … Continue reading Saying “Hola” To The World Language Club

Byram Students Make a Difference Through the Afya Club

By Hailey Jacobs While you may be familiar with the Afya Foundation, few know that Afya means “health” in Kiswahili. This simple meaning of their foundation’s name embodies their true mission: to improve the health of people around the world. The Afya Foundation’s main goal is to collect and ship gently used medical supplies and other needed equipment mostly to third world countries. The organization … Continue reading Byram Students Make a Difference Through the Afya Club

Is Bowling Right Up Your Alley?

By Natalie Hooker Some students may have heard the exciting news already: there is a big addition to Byram Hills list of sports and clubs! This addition is the Byram Bowling team. While the creation of this team is well underway, it is still very early on so some logistical details remain undecided. In researching more about Byram’s new, exciting club, I had the opportunity … Continue reading Is Bowling Right Up Your Alley?

The Astronomy Club: Reaching for the Stars

By James Bastone It may be the club known for their wacky ads featuring famed astronomer Neil DeGrasse Tyson or the club that actually uses the planetarium, but members would prefer just the Astronomy club. The club is run by Mr. Fuller, a Regents Physics teacher at Byram Hills High School, and Juniors Josh Freedman and Moses Zhang. Mr. Fuller’s goals for the club are … Continue reading The Astronomy Club: Reaching for the Stars

Walk to End Alzheimers

By Amanda Tuzzo Could you imagine waking up one day and not being able to remember your daughter’s name? Or the horror you would feel in forgetting how to eat, walk, and perform other innate abilities? No one should have to experience the terror caused by Alzheimer’s disease. Unfortunately, however, over 5 million people suffer each day from this debilitating disease, which causes many to … Continue reading Walk to End Alzheimers

Sharing Sleepaway Camp with Underprivileged: SCOPE Club

By Ellie Reinhardt Camp. It is so much more than a place with your best friends; it is an indescribable feeling that I am forever grateful for. Many people on the outside may not understand the allure of sleepaway camp, but people who experience it can attest to how amazing the experience is. To have the opportunity to live in a carefree escape for seven … Continue reading Sharing Sleepaway Camp with Underprivileged: SCOPE Club